Educational Resources

Like many other challenging issues, it is better to take a proactive approach for academic integrity departures. You will find educational resources that you can use to promote academic integrity in your courses, prevent academic integrity departures, and educate students after departures occur. Books on library shelves.

1. Academic Integrity Promotion Guide (Word 182 KB). This guide provides information on how to promote academic integrity in various stages of course design, assessment design, assessment administration, classroom instruction, and marking.

2. Citing Sources (Queen's University Library).

3. Turn It Around Workshop - SASS Plagiarism Turn It Around - Submit a request for the workshop

4. Academic Integrity Case Studies

5. Academic Integrity is defined "as a commitment to six fundamental values: honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility, and courage" (International Center for Academic Integrity, 2021). These three short videos, with less than a minute each, can be used in classes to start the conversation on those values:

(a) Honesty & Trust (Opens a video on YouTube)

(b) Fairness & Respect (Opens a video on YouTube)

(c) Responsibility & Courage (Opens a video on YouTube)