Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

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Promoting Academic Integrity in Teaching

Instructor Responsibilities

In dealing with Academic Integrity in the classroom, instructors should be aware of the following:

  • Inform your students about Academic Integrity and what it means to Queen’s University. Be aware that some students may have different ideas of what academic integrity means because of possible cultural and pedagogical differences.
  • Become informed about the process for dealing with issues of Academic Integrity, specific to your Faculty or School.
  • Seek support from their department.
  • Know and respect the rights of the student. Refer to Student’s Rights.

Teaching Practices

Teaching practices that foster academic integrity are important in setting the right tone for encouraging positive student behaviour. The following resources outline some good practices in teaching that will facilitate this:

Students' Rationale Behind Cheating

Understanding students' rationale behind cheating also allows instructors to pinpoint areas to focus on: