Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

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Avoiding Plagiarism & Cheating

There are many ways to avoid plagiarism and cheating. Check out the list below:

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  • Do's and Don'ts': Our list of things you should do and things you shouldn't to avoid academic dishonesty.
  • Avoiding Plagiarism: Reference document from the Queen's University Writing Centre: When to document, how to paraphrase and more
  • Case Studies: Specific examples on typical situations you might find yourselves in are explained here.
  • Collaborate with Integrity: As group work becomes more and more common, here are some resources to educate you about collaborating with integrity.
  • Common Misconceptions: Unsure about certain aspects of academic integrity? Take a look at some common misconceptions that students have to learn more.
  • Other Resources: A great list of external resources with more tips on things you can do to uphold academic integrity.