Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

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Case Studies

You may or may not have been in one of these situations before. What type of breach is each of the below? What do you think is the best course of action for each?

1) You and your best friend are in the same class where there will be weekly quizzes altogether worth 35% of your grade. While you study hard every week, your best friend does not appear to be studying at all. On the day of the quiz, she is nudging and whispering to get answers from you, and secretly peeking at your paper. She is one of your really good friends and you don't want to ruin that relationship. [Answer]

2) It is late night and you wish you could go to sleep but you have a large term paper due the next day. You now have a feeling you may not have enough books and articles, and it is way too late for research at the library. For a second, you consider make up references or not citing everything so you can actually get some sleep. After all, what are the chances that the instructor will find out? [Answer]

3) You have an essay due soon but you also have tons of other exams and assignments. Your friend tells you about how you can buy essays from online sites, sometimes even completely original, for just a small fee! It sounds like the perfect solution right now: who cares if it's not an A essay? You just want something to hand in amidst the madness. [Answer]

4) When applying to some research jobs, you realize your marks may be below what is expected. You ask your tech-savvy friend to help you change up your marks on your transcript to get that position you really want. It is undetectable and the employer probably won't find out. [Answer]

5) It is the day before a test, and Tammy is stressed out about her section of the lab and asks Sammy, her twin sister, to take her position to perform it. Sammy is reluctant, but Tammy seems to have a good argument: "Who will know? It won't hurt anyone. Plus, it will just be this one time." [Answer]

6) Janine has just met a great guy and thinks she is really starting to fall for him. One day though in class, Janine sees her great guy cheating by stealthily using his cell phone. Janine knows this is wrong but is reluctant to turn him in, thinking it may ruin her relationship with him. [Answer]