Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

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Case Studies

1) You and your best friend are in the same class where there will be weekly quizzes altogether worth 35% of your grade. While you study hard every week, your best friend does not appear to be studying at all. On the day of the quiz, she is nudging and whispering to get answers from you, and secretly peeking at your paper. She is one of your really good friends and you don?t want to ruin that relationship.

Allowing your friend to copy from you would constitute as use of unauthorized materials (i.e. your exam) by your friend and facilitation of this on your part. If both of you were to get caught, not only would your friend be subject to being held responsible for breach of AI, so would you - for assisting her.

Thus, the best course of action would be to not respond to her whispers during the exam and turn away when she tries to peek over to prevent her from copying. This can help you and your friend. A good friend would respect your decision and not base friendship on whether or not you help them cheat or not.

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