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Academic Integrity

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Case Studies

2) It is late night and you wish you could go to sleep but you have a large term paper due the next day. You now have a feeling you may not have enough books and articles, and it is way too late for research at the library. For a second, you consider make up references or not citing everything so you can actually get some sleep. After all, what are the chances that the instructor will find out?

This would be a case of plagiarism, as you are not providing credit to sources of information you use. You can take the risk that your instructor may never find out, but in the case that they do, sanctions for plagiarism can range from an oral/written warning, to as serious as rescinding your degree entirely.

You can choose to either work later into the night to finish or submit your assignment in late (subject to penalties), but you should always complete the assignment with appropriate references. Next time, prepare schedule your assignments in a more timely manner and give yourself sufficient time to do the work. This way, you won?t give yourself an excuse to not properly cite your sources.

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