Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

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Case Studies

3) You have an essay due soon but you also have tons of other exams and assignments. Your friend tells you about how you can buy essays from online sites, sometimes even completely original, for just a small fee! It sounds like the perfect solution right now: who cares if it's not an A essay? You just want something to hand in amidst the madness.

This is evidently a case of plagiarism - you are not submitting work that you've completed on your own. Instructors are knowledgeable about these sources, and when content and style that does not match the course's expectations, they can easily be identified when you submit something you purchased online. The consequences of plagiarism carry on into the future and the stress with dealing with allegations are much greater than being able to temporarily relieve the workload you are trying to deal with. Always submit your original work with proper referencing and credits.

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