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Academic Integrity

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Case Studies

4) When applying to some research jobs, you realize your marks may be below what is expected. You ask your tech-savvy friend to help you change up your marks on your transcript to get that position you really want. It is undetectable and the employer probably won't find out.

Altering your transcript is an example of falsification. What you think may be undetectable may hurt you in the end, for example, when the employer decides to do a confirmation with the university. This can damage your future prospects on this career path, as what you thought was a small alteration can possibly lead to future employers not hiring you. Not only this, but there are other consequences with the university that you will have to deal with.

Instead, you could either talk to the employer to see if there are any areas you can make up for the poor grades, or work harder for the rest of school year to bring those grades up. Although grades are important, it is not always the only thing that employers look for in their employees.

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