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Academic Integrity

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Did you know?

What do students consider as cheating? A survey done by Berman & Elkin in 2010 showed that students considered the following actions as cheating:

  • 99.6%: Taking an exam for someone else
  • 99.6%: Looking at a classmate?s paper without their knowledge during an exam
  • 97.6%: Allowing classmates to copy off you during an exam
  • 93.3%: Bringing notes into an exam
  • 91.3%: Allowing friends to copy take home assignments
  • 91.3%: Paraphrasing/using someone else?s work without citation
  • 84.1%: Making up references in bibliographies
  • 76.6%: Receiving information about a test by a student who took the test in an earlier section

This shows that most students do know and agree on what is considered unacceptable behaviour of academic dishonesty.


Did you know?

When The University of Maryland asked students to identify areas they have difficulties with academically, the most common ones were:

  • keeping track of sources
  • paraphrasing
  • dealing with stress and pressure
  • citing electronic sources
  • dealing with temptations
  • asking for help
  • deciding what is "common knowledge"
  • untangling their own ideas from ideas they've borrowed

You no doubt have had experiences with one or more of these before. Since these factors make up a bulk of working and learning, accidental breaches of AI can happen easily. Navigate throughout this website to learn more on the topics above.

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