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ABLE is calling for submissions

It’s that time of year again, ABLE is calling for submissions to Volume 4

Able logoWe want to personally invite you to add your voice, however you share it, to Collective Reflections’ fourth annual publication, releasing in March of 2017. Collective Reflections is THE publication on campus that features works discussing social identity, oppression and equity. Working through the Social Issues Commission of the AMS, we strive to give Queen’s students and the greater Kingston community a platform to share their experiences surrounding mental health (HeadsUp), race/culture/ethnicity (CultureSHOCK!), queer identity (OutWrite), social/economic status (BaseLine; find out more below in the PS!), feminism (Queen’s Feminist Review), and (dis)ability. 

That’s where ABLE comes in; we stand alongside these other chapters to engage with the experiences of (dis)ability, and to promote awareness of accessibility, intersectional identity, and equity for all those influenced by this social and structural oppression. By bringing together the diverse voices of (dis)ability at Queen's, we hope to influence the way ability is perceived and engaged with every day.

We accept all forms of expression — be it painting, illustration, photography, poetry, prose, essay, short-story, comic, review, blog, editorial or otherwise. If it can be published, we would love to share your voice for free (by editing, compiling and designing a publication with your work in it)! You can send your pieces to < able@ams.queensu.ca > or < sic.editor@ams.queensu.ca >, or find out more on our Facebook page! [link will open in a new window to the Collective Reflections Facebook page]

Your voice can make a change on this campus; submit to Collective Reflections Volume 4 by December 21st!