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Accessibility Café - The New Inclusivity: Neurodiversity and Workplace Inclusion

Join us for the next Accessibility Café!

Presented by the Queen’s Human Rights and Equity Office and the Queen’s University Built Environment Advisory Group (BEAG) .


We are living in a time of increased numbers and awareness about individuals with neuro-sensitives and special needs, such as ADHD. In fact, 1 in 8 people are considered neurodiverse but fewer than 50% know it.  But these individuals can be high energy, out of the box thinkers, excel in a crisis, and be bold problem solvers. Not only is designing to be inclusive the right thing to do, there is a compelling business case for it as well. Investigate the various aspects of neurodiversity and explore how to create spaces that are more physically and culturally inclusive for people with a wide spectrum of neurological conditions to allow them to thrive.


headshot of Kay Sargent

Kay Sargent, Senior Principal | Director of WorkPlace

Neurodiversity in the workplace exampleLearning Objectives:

  1. Learn the different neuro-sensitives and how they impact individuals
  2. Understand the areas of sensitivity and the potential design solutions to address them
  3. Explore the benefits of designing a space that addresses the needs of all and is inclusive
  4. Learn how to be proactive with your design and policies to create an inclusive work environment


When: Wednesday, April 28, 2:00 - 3:00pm

Where: via Zoom

Presentation Outline:

  • 5 Minute - Intro
  • 10 Minute - Understand the neuro-sensitivities within the diverse workforce of today
  • 15 Minute - Learn the different planning concepts that can address neuro-sensitivities
  • 20 minutes -  Understand how to create inclusive spaces that  and enhance user experience
  • 10 minutes - Q&A


Please RSVP to accessibility.hub@queensu.ca by Tuesday April 27, 2021. Upon confirmation you will be sent a Zoom meeting invite for your calendars.

ASL interpreter and captioning via Zoom Live Transcription will be available