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Campus Accessibility

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Building Accessibility

Queen's Facilities has developed a new directory for the accessibility of buildings on campus. The first page features a full campus map that lets you know where the accessibility entrances/exits are for each building (main or side), which buildings do not have accessible entrances/exits. Also shown are where to eat, where the blue lights are located, and where to park on campus.  If you scroll through the rest of the document, you will find close ups of each building on campus and you'll be able to see: the accessible entrances, accessible sidewalks, curb ramps, accessible pay parking, blue light locations, accessible blue light locations, and building accessibility entrance and exit locations. 

Campus Map

Use our online map, or download/print a version to carry with you. Our map is searchable by building name and the map will also show you street addresses, food outlets, accessible entrances, and emergency phones.

Teaching and Learning Spaces

Teaching and Learning Spaces maintains a list of classrooms and the accessibility features found in each room.