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Accessibility Award - Past Winners

2011 Award

The Steve Cutway Accessibility Award was awarded to Julie Harmgardt, Chair of Queen's InvisAbilities, Leela Viswanathan, Assistant Professor in Urban and Regional Planning and Jeanette Parsons, Director, Office of the AVP and Dean of Graduate Studies.

photo of Jeanette, Julie and Leela accepting the award

From Left: Jeanette Parsons, Steve Cutway,
Julie Harmgardt, Leela Viswanathan

Jeannette is passionate about accessibility and had a stellar track record in advancing accessibility concerns at Queen's as the past Accessibility Coordinator. Although Jeanette has left this role she continues to be a passionate advocate for accessibility on campus, and in broader society, and continues to be involved with disability research at Queen's. Jeanette's subsequent commitment to the field even after she has moved on to another position at Queen's shows that she was not only a competent professional but someone who cares deeply about this subject on a personal level.

Julie, recognizing a void in the realm of disability, founded and continues to Chair Queen's InvisAbilities, a club she started in 2009 that focuses on breaking down the barriers of misconceptions and stereotypes around hidden or non-visible disabilities.

Leela was nominated by several of her students. It is apparent that her efforts at creating an accessible learning environment has not gone unnoticed. One student writes, "Leela shows genuine and sincere interest in not just the academic well-being of her students, but also their mental state. A simple, "Tell me how you are doing today", and meaning it, can go a long way in relieving students with disabilities, anxieties, and feelings of isolation in their academic communities."