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Accessibility Award

2015 Winner

The Steve Cutway Accessibility Award was awarded to James McNutt.

Principal Woolf with James McNutt

Principal Woolf presents the Steve Cutway Accessibility Award to James McNutt.

James initiated the "Video Accessibility Audit Project", in association with the Department of Campus Planning and Development, to demonstrate the challenges that face many persons with disabilities while navigating Queen’s University campus. In this video audit, James visited six buildings and toured common areas, accessible gender-neutral washrooms, and some classrooms.

Throughout his years at Queen's University, James has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to making the campus more accessible and removing barriers for persons with disabilities. This is exemplified by the "Video Accessibility Audit Project" initiative that James has independently spearheaded. This project heightens awareness of many accessibility issues on campus. More importantly, it also provides critical information on what changes are needed at the University to remove many barriers to education and ensure greater accessibility on campus for persons with disabilities.

James believes that in order to facilitate an accessible campus, we benefit from the perspective of those who face accessibility challenges.