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Elevator work for Abramsky Hall, Morris Hall, Theological Hall

Sign which reads - Notice, elevator out of serviceUPDATE>>>  On June 29, a Physical Plant Services elevator mechanic discovered that the passenger elevator (EL1271) in Abramsky Hall was not operational. As modernization of this equipment is set to begin on July 4 and a replacement part is not available until next week, this elevator is now out of service until further notice.

UPDATE>>> The passenger elevator (EL1261) in Morris Hall will be removed from service for modernization on Tuesday, June 27 instead of Tuesday, July 4. A separate notice will be issued when this equipment is restored to service.

Beginning on Tuesday, July 4, the passenger elevators in Abramsky Hall (EL1271), Morris Hall (EL1261) and Theological Hall (EL1031) will be removed from service while SGS Elevators modernizes all three units. Work is expected to continue until late August; however, separate notices will be issued to advise on the anticipated completion date for each unit once the crew enters into their final stage of work.

Building occupants and visitors should take note of the following information:

  • Abramsky Hall: The accessible entrance is on the northeast corner of the building as described by the Ambramsky Hall - Campus Accessibility Guide. This door leads to the accessible lift, which requires a key, and provides access to the first floor only. There will be no accessible route/access to the second and third floors.
  • Theological Hall: There are two different accessible entrances to the first floor and to the Rotunda Theatre as described by the Theological Hall - Campus Accessibility Guide. The main accessible entrance on the north side of the building leads onto the first floor. There will no accessible route/access to the Chapel and other rooms on upper floors used by the School of Religion.
  • Morris Hall: The main accessible entrance off of Albert Street leads onto the first floor. There will be no accessible route/access to the lower or upper floors in the building.

Signs will be posted at the accessible entrances for each building and beside each elevator to advise of the temporary disruption of services and the lack of accessible route/access to the upper level floors.

Departments occupying each building should post the above information on their websites and/or share on social media.

Questions regarding this project work should be directed to:

Denis Moore, Project Manager, by phone at ext. 32920 or by email.