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Admission Requirements for Second Degree External Applicant

General Academic Requirements


Full-time studies: All applicants to full-time study in a second degree program must apply through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC). Applicants must select an approved plan in a substantially new discipline.

Queen's Faculty of Arts and Science is the only faculty that offers a second degree option. Students holding a degree who wish to apply to other faculties can do as upper-year students.

Academic viability and plan capacity for second degrees can be found on the Arts and Science second degrees page. If you do not see the first and second-degree combination that you are considering, please contact Undergraduate Admission for more information.

Part-time studies: For part-time studies, please complete the Online Application Form.

Program changes: Students wishing to make program or plan changes to an existing second degree must apply using the Online Application Form.

Minimum Admission Requirements

Applicants must have the equivalent of a minimum Queen's cumulative GPA of 2.6 to be considered for full or part-time admission to most plans. In addition, they must also satisfy departmental criteria that may exceed these minimums.

In all cases, admission to a second degree is only possible when the applicant's first degree is from an accredited post-secondary institution and in a substantially different plan from the proposed second degree.

Common Requirements

Supplementary Information

Your high school transcript is just one piece of information we use when making an admission decision. Each applicant to Queen’s has a unique To-Do List, detailing exactly what we need to complete your application. You can see your To-Do List (and the due dates) on your SOLUS Student Centre. We will send your SOLUS access information after you apply.

We review and update our supplementary requirements on a regular basis to ensure applicants have a meaningful platform to share additional information not available through their grades.

English Language

English Language Proficiency (ELP) Requirements: Do you live in a country where English is not the acknowledged primary language?
Find out if you are required to submit ELP scores...

QBridge is an English language pathway to Queen’s University for students who are academically competitive for admission to a Queen’s undergraduate degree program, but who do not meet the required admission standard for English language proficiency. The QBridge programs ensure that students are linguistically, academically, and culturally prepared to complete their Queen’s undergraduate degree studies.
Learn more about the Queen’s School of English QBridge program...