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Services and Support

Services and Support

Queen’s is committed to your academic and personal success.

We have programs and services to support your transition to university, your health and wellness, and your academic and career planning.

This is all part of the Queen’s transformative student experience!

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Therapy Assistance Online (TAO)

Student Wellness Services is expanding options for mental health support for all Queen’s students. TAO provides 24/7 secure access to online resources to help students manage stress and anxiety. queensu.ca/studentwellness/TAO

Student Success

Academic Advising
No matter what faculty or school you belong to at Queen’s, there are people on staff to help you with your academics.

Your success as a high school student will contribute to your success at Queen’s. As you transition to university, we are here to help you adjust to the challenges and workload. We have many people and services dedicated to supporting you along the way – not just in your first-year, but for all of your years at Queen’s.

The Ban Righ Centre assists mature women students who are returning to university after a time away to continue their education. Here, women from diverse backgrounds find community, practical, personal and financial support in an informal setting. These services are offered without charge.

Student Academic Success Services (SASS) and The Writing Centre and Learning Strategies offers academic support to students who wish to develop their skills in critical thinking, reading, learning, studying, writing, and self-management.

SOAR (Summer Orientation to Academics and Resources) is our one-day July orientation program for incoming students and their families.

This orientation program offers students and families a unique opportunity to:
  • meet with an academic advisor to assist you in choosing your courses
  • connect with peers and develop a campus support network before the fall semester starts
  • consult with an accessibility specialist, residence staff, or dining hall staff about any academic or living accommodation needs
  • meet upper-year students in your program and the professors and advisors who are committed to your success
  • learn about specific health and wellness supports on campus
  • prepare effectively for new academic expectations
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SOAR is our one-day July orientation program for incoming students and their families.

Q Success is designed to help support the personal and academic success of new students as they transition to university life. sign up for a peer mentor to hear what first year was like for them or get advice and guidance about how to navigate your first year at Queen’s. Or attend one of our academic success workshops throughout the year to gain skills and strategies to help you transition to university academics. Any student can sign up to get paired with a mentor, attend our workshops, or do both!

Queen's Learning Commons is both a hub of services accommodating different approaches to learning, both in person and online, supporting formal academic programs and a meeting place within Stauffer Library. The QLC provides resources, workshops and seminars, and one-on-one professional consultations for students who want to enhance or develop skills. Students can pursue learning opportunities in and across disciplines, supported by peer-to-peer interaction and mentoring.

Together, the four partners – the Adaptive Technology Centre, ITServices, Student Academic Success Services and Queen's Library – provide a welcoming and inclusive environment where students create their own lively and ever-changing space for learning.

Adaptive Technology Centre (ATC)
The ATC, located on the ground floor of Stauffer Library, offers a range of services, computers, assistive devices, specialized software, and quiet study space. The ATC includes Library Accessibility Services, the Adaptive Technology Lab, the Office of the Adaptive Technologist,and the Office of the Accessibility Coordinator.

Supporting Your Health and Wellness

Student Wellness Services (SWS)
[wellness services] SWS recognizes that health and well-being are intertwined with academic and personal success and are an essential part of a positive learning experience. To support students in achieving their goals, SWS offers integrated health and wellness programs and services to facilitate Queen’s students in maintaining optimal physical and mental health.

Students can…
  • book appointments with doctors, nurses, personal counsellors, accessibility advisors and health promotion coordinators
  • access specialized mental health services
  • access the walk-in clinic for same-day service
  • participate in workshops, groups, and educational sessions
  • get involved with health-related initiatives on campus

The Interfaith Chaplain’s Office provides confidential counselling, ceremonial services, interfaith community development and spiritual support to students, faculty, and staff on campus.

Queen’s Student Accessibility Services (QSAS)
QSAS works in partnership with other members of the Queen’s community to ensure the university and its programs are accessible to you. Our goal is to support your successful transition to university and to foster an equitable and inclusive learning environment at Queen’s.

QSAS staff assist students with disabilities by:
  • offering transition programming specially designed for students with disabilities
  • assessing and arranging individualized academic accommodations
  • facilitating referrals to on- and off-campus support services
  • coaching in self-advocacy to promote autonomy and independence
  • providing advice, advocacy and representation on all matters related to your disability or your accommodations

Queen's University International Centre (QUIC)

[QUIC logo]The Queen’s University International Centre (QUIC) offers non-academic support for international members of the Queen’s community. QUIC also has community spaces to relax, read, study, work and meet with other students, as well as table tennis and a full kitchen.

Learn: Settle in more comfortably at Queen’s, and in Canada, by attending our international student orientation sessions and by meeting with our international student advisors.

Get involved: Join events and clubs. Be part of a community of internationally-minded people at Queen’s.

Get training: Develop your international knowledge and cross-cultural skills at our sessions and workshops.

Volunteer: Join the more than 150 students each year who share their skills – and maybe even learn a new one!

A Global University
# countries students come from: 114
# locations for exchange: 175
# international students: 2,496
# exchange students on campus: 600+

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Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre

Hello, She:koli, Ahnii, Tansi, Waachay, Oki, Tawnski, Kwe kwe, Koolamalsil, She: kon, Tunngasugit, Boozhoo, Bonjour

Queen’s has a wide range of services and programs designed to support the success of our Indigenous students, as well as dedicated staff to answer questions, provide advice, make referrals, and help connect you to resources and networks on campus and in the community.

[FDASC logo]The Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre is located in a cozy house on campus. It’s the hub of activity for the Queen’s Indigenous community! Four Directions hosts social and cultural events through the year, and offers one-on-one meetings with the Elder in Residence, academic and career assistance, and free laundry, and full kitchen facilities.

Get Involved

[QNSA logo]Queen’s Native Students Association (QNSA) is a student club that brings together a diverse group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous students who share an interest in Indigenous cultures and traditions.

Living Learning Community (LLC) in Residence – Indigenous and Allies Floor
With an emphasis on intercultural understanding and leadership development, the Bimaadiziwin Ka’nikonhriyo LLC is an interest-based LLC that welcomes both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students who are interested in learning more about Indigenous peoples, traditions and culture as it impacts them as individuals and as community members.

FDASC by the numbers

15 feasts during the school year
15 Wellness Circles
100+ workshops and events each year
1,600+ resources in our Indigenous library

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Career Services

What if we told you that you could work with a career coach while you’re at Queen’s – someone to help you guide your way to your future?

Queen’s Career Services provides education and employment support services for students from all disciplines. Whether you know exactly what you want to do and just need help getting there, or you still don’t have any idea what’s next for you, there are resources to help.

  • Apply to jobs through the online job posting board.
  • Speak with potential employers on campus at career fairs and other events.
  • Find summer jobs and on campus jobs.
  • Get help with your applications to graduate and professional programs (such as law, medicine, occupational therapy, etc.)
  • Discuss options for what you want to do after graduation and find the best fit for your interests and skills.
  • Discover ways to build experience.

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