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Arts and Science General Programs 

The Faculty of Arts and Science offers, in 32 departments and schools, an extraordinary scope of educational possibilities encompassing the creative arts, languages, humanities, social sciences and physical and natural sciences.

Arts, Bachelor of Arts, Honours (BAH)

Offering a variety of courses, such as courses exploring ancient humour to ones that explore video production for digital media the different ways you can obtain an Arts degree (BAH) from Queen’s are as unique as you are.

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Science, Bachelor of Science (Honours) 

A Queen's Science degree offers a wide range of courses; whether you are looking to explore oceanography or quantum mechanics or top up your degree using one of our certificate programs, the Faculty of Arts and Science offers multiple pathways to achieving the higher education experience you desire.



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Art and Science Direct Entry Programs 

While most programs in Arts and Science have students take a general first year and declare a major at the end of first year, you can apply directly to Computing, Life Sciences, Kinesiology, and Music on the OUAC application.

Computing, Bachelor of Computing (Honours) (BCmpH)

Computer science is one of the most exciting and diverse subjects of study today, particularly at the Queen’s School of Computing. Whether you’re interested in software design, artificial intelligence, game development, or biomedical computation, we can offer you a vast range of courses to fit your interests – and that’s only scratching the surface.

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Kinesiology, Bachelor of Science (Honours), in Kinesiology (BScH)

Kinesiology is the science of the human body in motion. You will learn about the physiological, biomechanical, psychological and sociological factors that influence human movement, exercise and sport performance, along with health. From the structure of the cell to the structure of society, your studies in Kinesiology will expose you to the complex factors that influence health and wellness.

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Life Sciences, Bachelor of Science, Honours in Life Sciences (BScH)

This program is a unique blend of basic and applied biomedical sciences offered by the departments of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences, Pathology and Molecular Medicine and Public Health Sciences. We work in collaboration with the Cancer Research Institute, the Centre for Neuroscience Studies, and the Cardiac, Circulation and Respiratory Group.

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Music, Bachelor of Music (BMus)

Queen's Music has earned a reputation across Canada for producing some of the best-prepared graduates; musicians who excel as scholars, composers, teachers and performers. Students practice and perform in the fantastic Rehearsal Hall and Concert Hall of the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts. 

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Bader College 

Queen's is the only university in Canada where students can complete their entire first year overseas! While studying at a historic 15th century Hestmounceux Castle in East Sussex, UK, students are offered a truly outstanding Study Abroad experience. Immerse yourself in the living and learning environment offered that is Bader College. 

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First Year Programs


Health Sciences


Concurrent Education/Arts or Science

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Concurrent Education

Popularly known as ConEd, Concurrent education is a program for high school graduates passionate about teaching and learning. From day one, you will work on two degrees; one in Arts and Science, Music or FIne art (Visual Art), the other a Bachelor of Education. You may even decide to do your first year at Bader College in East Sussex, England.

Concurrent Education at Queen's

Degree options

Bachelor of Arts, Honours (BAH/BEd)

Bachelor of Arts, Honours, French Studies (BAH/BED)

Bachelor of Science, Honours (BScH/BEd)

Bachelor of Science, Honours, Kinesiology** (BScH/BEd)*

Bachelor of Music (BMus/BEd)

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Queen’s Engineering empowers you to make the choices that shape your future. Our general engineering stream guarantees your choice of discipline after you pass your first-year classes. You can also choose a leading direct entry program to specialize in immediately. All our engineering programs include the option to join our internship program. Our optional internship program will help you build valuable industry experience and connections.

Engineering statistics

Degrees and specializations, Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc)

Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Computer Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering (direct entry)

Mechanical and Materials Engineering (direct entry) 

Mining Engineering

Engineering Chemistry

Engineering Physics

Geological Engineering

Mathematics and Engineering

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Attain a deep understanding of business strategies and concepts, including innovations changing the nature of work. Build your experience around you and your ambitions. Get the SmithEdge – foster personal capacity in leadership, teamwork, cultural intelligence, resilience, communication, and presentation. Land a great job and get the best start to your career.

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Areas of Interest


Social Impact

Human Resources





International Business

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Health Sciences

Take specific health sciences courses right out of high school, combining innovative in-class and online learning in our flipped classroom format for a truly unique educational experience that gives context to course material with real-world application. Our program is distinctive in that it is designed to align with the competency framework used by medical schools and other health profession programs.

Health sciences statistic

Areas of Interest

Anatomical Basis of Health and Disease

Physiological Basis of Health and Disease

Applied Research Methods in Health Sciences

Global and Population Health

Infection, Immunity, and Inflammation

Molecular Basis of Biology

Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Therapeutics

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Classes taken during your time in the program include core arts and science courses, theory-based nursing science courses, and extensive clinical practice experiences in a variety of responsive environments. These combined experiences, led by expert faculty, will prepare you to become a confident health professional and clinician-scholar.

Nursing statistic

Clinical Areas of Interest

Critical Care (ICU, ER)

Community-based and Public Health

Inpatient Medical-Surgical Nursing

Psychiatric/Mental Health

Maternal-Infant and Pediatric Health

Nursing Science and Research

Acute and Chronic Care

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