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Bader College

[aerial view of the Castle]

Bachelor of Arts, Honours (BAH)
OUAC code: QIA

Bachelor of Science, Honours (BScH)
OUAC code: QIS

Concurrent Education / Bachelor of Arts, Honours (BAH/B.Ed.)
OUAC code: QIB

Bachelor of Health Sciences, Honours (BHSc)
OUAC code: QIH

Queen’s University is the only university in Canada where students can complete their first year of studies overseas – in a historic 15th century castle in East Sussex, UK -- Bader College.

Herstmonceux Castle is situated in East Sussex, on the south coast of England, about an hour and twenty minutes away from London thanks to local railway connections

Why Study at the Castle?

Living and learning on the Castle estate in the countryside, gives context to your academics. You will be immersed in history, surrounded by beauty, and be part of a vibrant local community

Bader College is


  • Live and learn alongside your professors, in a close-knit campus with a class of approximately 135 first-year students. You will know the names of all your classmates, and your professors will know yours.
  • Small classes allow for lots of dialogue and debate, helping you develop your skills in critical thinking and analysis.
  • The immersive atmosphere continues in your academic experience, where you will learn by doing – giving you the confidence to learn to engage with your professors and classmates.


  • Living and learning in a different country for an entire year will give you an exceptional life experience that will set you apart from your peers.
  • Skills developed in class will be strengthened by the opportunity to travel during Mid-Term Trips and on Experiential Learning Opportunities.
  • Your global education will help you develop intercultural competencies that are increasingly important for students and employers.


  •  Your tuition fees cover exciting opportunities to go on both one-day and multi-day trips, designed to enhance your learning experience. Experiential Learning Opportunities (ELOs) and Mid-Term Trips will help you develop the skills for success through active participation and personal contact with primary sources outside the classroom.
  • Two mid-term trips give you the opportunity to explore important historical, cultural and scientific landmarks in cities like Edinburgh, Liverpool, and Paris.

Career-Ready Skills at the Castle

Whether you choose Arts, Science, or Concurrent Education, you will have the chance to participate in sessions, both at the castle and offsite, to develop the skills you will need for successful interviews and workplace success. We bring in experts to work with you to develop your employment aptitude and confidence. 

Learn by Doing

[BISC students at Brighton Beach]

Every course at Bader College reflects its desire to anchor the academic experience in direct observation and participation. Field studies and guest speakers are key components of the courses we offer.

Built into your tuition fee, and into each term, you will have the opportunity to go on both one-day and multi-day excursions designed to enhance your learning experience.

Just imagine discussing Art History while standing in front of the actual paintings in the Louvre in Paris, or Biology in the lab where Louis Pasteur carried out his experiments. Cultural studies trips include outings to cities such as Bath, Oxford, and Brighton. Two mid-term trips per year allow first-year students the opportunity to explore major historical, cultural and scientific landmarks in cities such as Edinburgh, Liverpool and Paris.

First-Year Program


Health Sciences


Concurrent Education / Arts or Science

Choose first-year at Bader College and expect a personalized university experience with small class sizes, a close-knit community, and lots of opportunities to interact with your classmates and professors. Our diverse course offering allows you to gain credits applicable to a wide variety of degree plans.

Bader College's hands-on learning, intercultural interaction, and interdisciplinary studies are the hall mark of the Castle experience, while our signature first-year courses: BADR 100/101: Thinking Locally/Acting Globally draw together several disciplines to create a strong basis for the rest of your university studies.

Get ahead in your academic learning

  • Develop your confidence and engage with your professors and classmates in our active learning environment
  • Study the Sciences at our state-of-the-art lab facilities, and engage with your surroundings, performing experiments on the rich variety of ecosystems and landforms that are present on the Castle Estate
  • Develop transferable skills for your future studies and employment
  • Take advantage of our dedicated student support and academic skills-building sessions

[BISC students in class]

First-Year Arts

Bachelor of Arts, Honours (BAH)
OUAC code: QIA

From courses in Global Development Studies to Philosophy, Politics and Economics, to Film, and French, the classroom experience will be rich with debate, discussion and immersive experiences only available when studying in such a historical place. 

First-Year Science

Bachelor of Science, Honours (BScH)
OUAC code: QIS

The core courses of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Geology, Math, and Astronomy are offered at the Castle – opening up many Science majors including Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Environmental Science, and Life Sciences. The small-class setting not only provides a prestigious opportunity for the resume, but a learning environment designed for excellence. All labs take place in our new state-of-the-art science and innovation labs onsite, steps from your Residence opening in September 2019. 

[student working outside at the Castle]

First-Year Concurrent Education / Arts or Science

Concurrent Education / Bachelor of Arts, Honours (BAH/B.Ed.)
OUAC code: QIB

Concurrent Education / Bachelor of Science, Honours (BScH/B.Ed.) OUAC CODE: QIF 

With observations at local schools, the international experience you gain will set you apart from your peers. Our dedicated Careers Evening will allow you to network with Canadian teachers now working in the UK and give you a competitive edge by encouraging you to think about your future career opportunities.

First-Year Health Sciences

Bachelor of Health Sciences, Honours (BHSc)
OUAC code: QIH

The Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHSc) is a direct-entry program that allows you to dive into courses related to human health from the perspectives of biomedical and social sciences in your first year. By travelling to Bader College for year one of the Health Sciences program, you will still experience the same innovative BHSc curriculum that is built with a competency-framework common to health professional programs, including medicine. In addition, the BHSc core courses at the BISC are delivered with the same novel, blended-learning style that the Queen’s BHSc program at the Kingston campus. This learning style emphasizes that you learn to connect and extend course content, within a dynamic group learning environment. At the Castle this occurs in an even smaller class size that facilitates collaboration with your entire peer group, not to mention your instructors. Studying at Bader College also provides you with unique experiential learning opportunities, such as visiting a historic operating theatre in London and the Pasteur Institute in Paris.

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