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Health Sciences

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Health Sciences

Health Sciences

Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHSc, Honours)
OUAC code: QH or QHO (Online)

Available both on-campus and online, this program is for students who are interested in a health-related career or are hoping to pursue future studies in the health professions—medicine, rehabilitation therapy, advanced studies in nursing, or other related graduate programs.

  • Combine innovative in-class and online studies for a truly unique educational experience that gives context to course material with real-world learning.

  • Immerse yourself in the core competencies of health professionals with our “Learn-by-doing” model.

  • Customize your program with a selection of health sciences and elective courses.

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Focus your Degree

Students can focus their degree by taking one or more learning tracks:

  • Global and Population Health
  • Infection, Immunity, and Inflammation
  • Anatomical and Physiological Basis of Health and Disease
  • Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Therapeutics
  • Molecular Basis of Biology
  • Applied Research Methods in Health Sciences

Why Study Health Sciences at Queen’s?

Queen’s Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHScH) program is purpose-built to provide graduates with pathways to future studies in the health professions as well as opening the door to many career opportunities. It’s an ideal degree for students interested in gaining admission to medicine, rehabilitation therapy, advanced studies in nursing, and a wide variety of other health professional and graduate degree programs. The program is designed to be flexible to learners’ needs and is available on-campus or online.

Our Facilities

The on-campus BHScH program is blended, offering a unique combination of face-to-face and online learning opportunities. Students aren’t restricted by the traditional format and predefined hours of lecture-based learning, but instead study online modules at their own pace and attend engaging classroom sessions where they apply course material to real-world contexts. In the flipped classroom model offered by Queen’s BHSc, the facilities are designed to enhance face-to-face interactions, enabling students to learn from each other and from course faculty in an efficient and effective manner.

Learn by Doing

[screen of laptop]Queen’s BHScH program is built upon a competency framework. Students in the program will not only learn the course content, but will also learn how to apply and extend their knowledge by becoming effective advocates, collaborators, communicators, leaders, scholars, and professionals. Our program is distinctive in that it aligns closely with the competencies of the health professions.

Innovative Curriculum

Students will learn about the structure and function of the human body, from biomolecules to organ systems, in health and disease. Students will also learn how the body defends itself against microbes and pathogens, and how medications are used to combat infection and disease. Health and disease will also be viewed through a global lens, by examining the societal context of health and healthcare through history, ethics, law, and policy. Flexibility is interwoven throughout the program as students customize their learning from a selection of health sciences and elective courses. The curriculum focuses on critical thinking and application of knowledge, on ‘doing’ rather than just ‘knowing’.