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Bachelor of Nursing Science (BNSc)
OUAC code: QN

Nurses are in demand today, more than ever before. It’s estimated that Canada alone will face a shortage of as many as 60,000 nurses by 2022.

Your Queen’s Nursing education will prepare you for an exciting and challenging career and build a foundation for future graduate study, should you wish to pursue it. Queen’s nurses work all over the world in many settings, including hospitals and community organizations, and in research, education and government.

Why Study nursing at Queen’s?

Your first year in this professional degree program will provide you with a strong foundation in science. You’ll take courses in biochemistry, psychology, anatomy, microbiology and other relevant subjects. In later years, you’ll build on this foundation, learning how to care for patients and their families in various settings, such as hospitals, long-term care, clinics, and the community.

Nursing students can choose to complete their electives at the Bader International Study Centre in East Sussex, England, during one spring session.

[Nursing students]

Our Facilities

Nursing students learn and practice skills in the Simulation Lab located in the School of Nursing. They also make use of the Glaxo Wellcome Clinical Education Centre, a facility that features observation rooms and a skills development lab where students learn and develop their clinical and communication skills.

Learn by Doing

Nursing at Queen’s is strongly hands-on. Starting in year one, you will have sessions in the School of Nursing Simulation Lab and at the Glaxo Wellcome Clinical Education Centre, where you will learn and practice nursing skills you will later use in the clinical setting. Starting in year two and continuing throughout years three and four, you will have clinical practice in children’s, maternity, mental health, hospitalized patients, and community. In upper years you will participate in various simulation sessions with our colleagues in medicine and physiotherapy.

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