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Second Degree

For those students who are currently completing/ have completed a first undergraduate degree and are interested in beginning a second undergraduate degree at Queen’s, we do have options available!

It is important to note that in some cases the degree combination may be denied by the faculty if they deem there is too much overlap between a first and a second degree. If you have questions about the academic viability of your degree choices, you can contact us at transfer@queensu.ca. If your two-degree choices are totally different, you do not need to worry about overlap and can focus on ensuring you are meeting the GPA and the prerequisite requirements for the second degree.


Arts & Science

Please review the link to see what options are available and minimum requirements for admission queensu.ca/artsci/think-and-apply/dual-and-second-degrees.

Health Sciences

Our Bachelor of Health Sciences Honours program does admit 2nd-degree candidates to our online program. More details can be found here.

Other Options

Our Commerce, Engineering and Nursing programs do accept applications from students who are completing or have completed a university degree program. These applicants will be assessed based on their first degree GPA and high school prerequisites.


Apply to upper-year Commerce beginning Feb 1st at OUAC. Students must have a minimum 3.3 CGPA (on the Queen’s 4.3 scale) or B+ average to be considered. Students must also submit any supplementary information requested and meet (at minimum) the high school math requirements for admission to the Commerce program. Those can be found here.


Students will apply to either first year or upper-year depending on the courses they have completed at the university level. If students have completed 6 half-year courses equivalent to the courses our engineering students complete in first year then they should apply to upper year. More information can be found here.


Students will apply to either first year or the Accelerated Standing Track program depending on their educational background. More information about applying can be found here.