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BTech Mining

Graduates of Engineering Technology programs or Mining Engineering Technician programs from college, or students who have completed a minimum of two years of study in a science program at a recognized university, and have completed their studies with a minimum 75% passing grade, are eligible to enrol in the Bachelor of Mining Engineering Technology (BTech Mining) program.

Music Theatre

Admission to the joint Bachelor of Music Theatre program between St. Lawrence College and Queen’s University begins with an application through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre using the QMT program code.

Following your application, you must successfully complete an audition through St. Lawrence College. Auditions will take place in Brockville, Ontario and Toronto, Ontario. Those residing outside of these areas are to submit a digital audition. Upon receipt of your application, you will be sent more information regarding the audition process. For information regarding your audition please contact Janet Venn-Jackson, Program Coordinator, at jvennjackson@sl.on.ca.

To learn about the specific admission requirements, please modify your search and select either Canadian High school student or International High school student.

Langara College + Queen's University Agreement

Two degrees. Two provinces. Two adventures.

Langara students who have completed an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree will begin their course of study in the third year of their Honours Bachelor’s degree program at Queen’s. Applicants who have not completed the Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree may still be considered for admission on a credit-by-credit basis, based on the assessment of transfer credits for the courses completed.

Langara Admissions

Applicants must have successful completion of 12 years of formal education. Some programs may have additional requirements. English is the language of instruction at Langara. Applicants are required to demonstrate proficiency in the English language prior to admission to post-secondary programs.

Queen’s Admission

Students must have successfully completed their associate degree at Langara with a cumulative GPA of 2.60 minimum (some programs may require higher); and appropriate departmental criteria for entry to a particular plan of study.

Applications open February 1, 2017. The deadline to apply is June 1, 2017.

Civil Engineering Degree Program at Queen's University

As a student in the Civil Engineering Technology program at St. Lawrence College, you have the opportunity – during the last semester of your college program – to begin studies in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Queen's University. You may apply to be admitted as a special student in the Queen's first-year engineering program for the Winter Term. If admitted, you will be permitted to take two mathematics courses – APSC 172 (Calculus) and APSC 174 (Linear Algebra).

The following criteria determine eligibility for the program:

  • Students in their final year of the St. Lawrence College Civil Engineering Technology program with a minimum cumulative B standing.
  • Cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.7 (70%)
  • Please note: Applicants must have completed Grade 12 Chemistry (SCH4U or equivalent) in addition to completing the St. Lawrence Civil Bridging program for admission to the Bachelor of Applied Science (Engineering) program. Students who do not have the requisite chemistry background will be required to complete MNTC P06 – Foundational Chemistry, offered online through Queen’s University, in either the Spring/Summer or Fall Term and must successfully complete that course with a minimum mark of 70% to be granted admission to the Bridging Program. Alternative chemistry courses may be acceptable, but will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by Queen’s University.

How to Apply

  • Application will be available in September
  • Applications must be submitted to Queen's Undergraduate Admission by November 15

Please note that this application will be used for both:

  • Part-time admission consideration to take APSC 172 (Winter Term) and APSC 174 (Summer Term)
  • Full-time admission consideration to the Civil Engineering program for Fall Term

Supporting Documentation

For part time admission to APSC 172 and APSC 174:

  • St. Lawrence transcript including third year Fall semester courses in progress.
  • Your secondary school transcript.

This must be submitted to Queen's Undergraduate Admission by December 1.

For full-time, Fall upper-year admission to Civil Engineering:

  • An official St. Lawrence transcript showing final grades and diploma granted
  • If applicable, other required documentation specified by Undergraduate Admission.

The deadline for receipt of these documents is June 15.

Admission Decisions

The Associate Dean reviews applications and makes decisions by mid-December. Classes for APSC 172 begins mid-February and APSC 174 begins in May.

Transfer Credits

Students who successfully complete APSC 172 and APSC 174 are considered for upper-year admission to a degree program when a transcript indicating their final St. Lawrence College marks is received by Undergraduate Admission. Transfer credits granted depend on the courses taken in the St. Lawrence College program and on the marks obtained.

International Pathways

Bader International Study Centre (BISC)

Chinese students can study at the BISC, Queen’s campus in the UK, by way of exchange agreements with:

China Scholarship

Council Queen’s has agreements with the China Scholarship Council that provide funding for PhD candidates attending:

2+2 Articulation Programs

Chinese students from the following universities can complete two years at their home university and spend the next two years at Queen’s.

  • They are awarded a degree from both universities.
  • Jilin University – for undergraduate studies in Computer Engineering
  • Tongji University – for undergraduate studies in Environmental Science Beijing Normal University – for undergraduate studies in Biology

For more information and to apply, students can inquire within their home university.