Office of Advancement
Office of Advancement

Organizational Effectiveness and Efficiency

Advancement’s success is based on our people and the standards of professionalism and performance that they bring to their work. We are committed to recruiting, retaining, and developing talent, and will continue to improve our people practices, consistent with the university’s Talent Management strategies. An important element of this is the university’s Competency Framework, which Advancement will adapt and integrate into our daily practice.
We are committed to better understanding and reflecting the diverse community we serve. We will work to become an inclusive, equitable and multi-culturally competent organization in order to recruit a more diverse staff, more effectively engage alumni, and expand our donor base internationally.
With the heightened focus on accountability and transparency, we will persevere in our ongoing commitment to effective fiscal management through strengthened internal controls. We will continue to innovate to contain costs, streamline processes, and improve end-user experiences. We will continue to work toward greater financial sustainability by generating non-philanthropic revenue.
Queen’s advancement is an institution-wide enterprise requiring a concerted focus on collaboration, coordination, and communication among all stakeholders. We will make strategic and operational integration a priority.