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ALTogether Now

Vol. 1 - June 3, 2019

Members of the Office of Advancement Leadership Team

We are trying something new, ALTogether

Karen Bertrand, VP (Advancement)Members of the ALT team have heard loud and clear that we need to pay more attention to internal communications. It is so important that a focus on internal communications is one of the six strategic objectives for 2019-20. To fulfill that commitment, on behalf of ALT, I am therefore pleased to launch the ALTogether Now newsletter.

ALTogether Now will be a weekly update for the entire Office of Advancement. We hope this newsletter becomes a constant source of information that you trust for the most current updates on issues and projects that affect us all.

Content will vary week by week – not just because the updates will change, but also because responsibility for the weekly content will rotate among ALT members. Through this shared responsibility for ALTogether Now, you will hopefully earn a broad perspective on the office, and you may even get a glimpse of our individual personalities.

Remember though, communication is a two-way process. Through ALTogether Now, you may be called upon to take action. Read each issue carefully for opportunities to provide input, and calls to action for all team members.

And never hesitate to let us know how this strategy is working. If the team doesn’t like this approach, we won’t keep doing it. The onus will be on you to let members of ALT know. In the meantime, watch for your weekly edition of ALTogether Now in your inbox Monday mornings, and posted to QUIRC thereafter so you can always access previous editions.

Let me know what you think!

Our New Mission

At our March staff meeting, we worked in groups to draft a mission statement for the Office of Advancement. All staff then selected their preferred drafts of the 19 presented that morning. In April we refined the top five choices to create two draft mission statements and asked the full team and partners across campus to choose the draft mission statement that resonated most with each of you.

I am pleased to announce that, thanks to your input and the input of our university partners, our new mission statement is:

“To foster relationships that advance Queen's and contribute to a better world.”

Thank you!

Now it’s time to make our new mission statement a part of our work lives.

I am challenging everyone to get to know our new mission statement and have a little fun with it. Not only would I like each of you to memorize our new mission statement (it’s only 12 words), I would also like to challenge each unit do something special to make it a part of our culture.

You can do anything you’d like – make a video, write a poem, turn it into a game. The only rule is that you put your creativity to work and have as much fun as possible.

Let’s see if we can have every single person in the Office of Advancement know our mission by heart by the end of June.

To kick things off, each member of ALT has committed to memorizing our new mission statement by Advancement Enhancement Day – Thursday, June 13th. Please come ready to test them at random moments throughout the day!

Advancement Strategic Planning Update

The independent consultant tasked with oversight of the Strategic Planning process has now been hired. We are pleased to announce that Offord Group has earned the contract for this initiative, co-led by Nicholas Offord and Avon MacFarlane.

The Offord Group will be tasked with oversight of the process itself, securing input from both internal and external stakeholders to inform and test the plan, and completing the final plan document. This will help ensure we have a robust process and allow for unbiased input into the final plan. It will also allow everyone in Advancement to remain focused on our core activities while this plan is developed. Offord will be on campus for initial project planning meetings on June 18th, and we expect to be in the broader consultation part of the project with internal stakeholders in the summer, and external stakeholders in the fall.

The Offord Group has the benefit of having been a long-standing partner of Queen’s, but more information can be found on their website for those who may not be familiar with their work.

Thank you again to everyone involved in the vendor selection process, and to the entire team for your interest in this project. Stay tuned for more updates in the weeks to come via the ALTogether Now weekly newsletter.

Advancement Enhancement Day

Today is the day – registration is open! We look forward to spending the day TOGETHER getting to know each other better and taking part in fun activities. Tours, an escape room, walking, yoga, spin class, games, and more.

Register today