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Vol. 30 - Jan. 6, 2019

Advancement Leadership Team
Advancement Leadership Team: Steve Hornsby, Leigh Kalin, Scott Anderson, Tom Hewitt, Karen Bertrand and Deanna Bennett.

Welcome to 2020!

By Karen Bertrand, Vice-Principal (Advancement)

Karen Bertrand

While some colleagues returned to their regular routines as of Jan. 2 – and some may still be off – it is safe to say that for many, today is the beginning of new work year. Happy New Year!

Let me begin by saying that I truly hope everyone had a wonderful break. Whether you extended your time off beyond the university holiday closure or not, I hope everyone enjoyed their time away from the office and is returning to work feeling rejuvenated and excited about this next year.

As I look ahead, I confess I am filled with great optimism about the opportunities before us. While the Principal’s Conversation is still underway, there has already been significant feedback provided about the aspirations we hold for Queen’s. Our alumni community has provided invaluable input that will help shape directions for Queen’s advancement in the future – and you too have contributed to this discussion over the past year. With the collective energy of our shared ambitions, I truly believe that Queen’s is poised to embark upon an exciting new chapter in 2020.

While it is natural to be optimistic during new beginnings, it is also realistic to expect that we will experience setbacks and unforeseen challenges as well this year. So, I invite everyone to do something today to create a reminder about the optimism and good intentions you have right now. Record an inspirational voice message to yourself. Find a motivational quote and post it in a visible location at your desk. Upload a photo of your family, friends, or favourite vacation destination to your desktop. Do what works for you, but do something to help remind yourself about the optimism and good intentions you had at the beginning of the year – something to help extend the benefits of the holiday break beyond Jan. 6.

Welcome to 2020 everyone. It is going to be an incredible year!

Happy New Year

Winter Yoga for Advancement Begins This Week!

Start the new year with a commitment to your own health and wellness by investing in classes that are high on convenience and low on cost. Take a break from your desk and join us on the mat in 2020!

These classes are open to all fitness levels with modifications available in every pose. Perfect for those who want to learn how to slow down; for athletes who need to stretch and stay flexible; and for anyone with stiff, aging, or injured bodies. The practice will focus on mobility, balance, strength, flexibility, and relaxation.

Find more information and register here.

Jobs with Advancement

We need your recruitment help. Know great talent that would be a good addition to our team? If so, please promote the vacancy below with your networks and let’s find some amazing new team members.

Applications (including a cover letter and résumé) must be submitted through CareerQ. For additional information on these postings, please reach out to either Katelyn, Carla, or the hiring manager for the position you are interested in.

Available Position:

Law Clerk, Estates and Trusts Gift Planning, Department of Development Jan.12, 2020 8
Development and Stewardship Coordinator Smith Development and Alumni Engagement Jan.13, 2020 7

Roman, god of doors, Janus

Fun Fact


January is named after the Roman god of doors, Janus, because this month is the door to the year. Janus represents all beginnings and possesses the ability to see all things past and future.