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Vol. 15 - September 9, 2019

Volunteer Relations and Reunions Team
Advancement Leadership Team: Steve Hornsby, Leigh Kalin, Scott Anderson, Karen Bertrand, Deanna Bennett, and Tom Hewitt

Deanna Bennett
Deanna Bennett, Executive Director, Office of the Vice-Principal

DiSC Workplace

By Deanna Bennett, Executive Director, Office of the Vice-Principal

In both this role and previous ones, I've seen firsthand how useful personality assessment tools can be in improving team performance. Sometimes it can be hard to put into words our workplace preferences and styles. Tools like DiSC Workplace help us gain insight into how we work more successfully and thoughtfully with our colleagues.

What is DiSC Workplace?

The DiSC personality profile was designed to measure dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness. The DiSC model provides a common language that people can use to understand themselves better and adapt their behaviours with others.

DiSC Workplace is an online assessment that uses adaptive testing to generate a 20-page report that provides personalized insights into what drives people in the workplace. 

Beyond the assessment, what drives DiSC home is a facilitated training session. The training delivers a learning experience that can benefit every person in the organization and help them to become more self-aware of their style and how others perceive them. It also helps us to understand others better, appreciate the different priorities, preferences, and values each individual brings to the workplace.

Through the insights and strategies, participants learn how to build better relationships, which ultimately improves engagement, collaboration, and overall quality in the workplace. From what I can tell, just over half of Advancement staff have completed the assessment and have taken part in the training session.

It's my goal to provide opportunities for everyone in Advancement to participate in a session at some point in fiscal 2019-20. If your team would like to book a session, or if you have done your assessment and taken part in a training session but still have questions, contact Deanna Bennett.

Here is some feedback from some recent Advancement DiSC sessions:

  • "This session let me see how other people like me work and how I can improve upon my style to make sure I'm not letting others take advantage of me. It was helpful to see that I was not alone in this, but I was also given tools to help me manage my style and how I can work better with others."
  • "It helped identify a few biases or assumptions I've made when working with others - now realizing that I've in some cases pushed my own working style on others or have assumed working styles of some."
  • "Honestly, my expectation was that some working styles would be looked down on, or assumptions would be made that certain working styles are reserved for certain roles/people. This has been the case in most of the personality workshops I've attended. I didn't feel this way at all, it was very inclusive which allowed for some really honest conversations. Thank you."

All That We Share

While DiSC helps us learn, respect, and celebrate our different priorities, preferences, and values, it helps to consider all that we share.

In 2017, TV2 in Denmark launched "All that we share," a commercial featuring 80 Danes from all walks of life, a challenge to growing attitudes of discrimination on the grounds of ethnicity in Denmark and across the world. The participants were given 40 questions to consider before filming. Throughout the shoot, they were invited to cluster according to their responses. There was no requirement that they stick to their answers on the day of filming. The commercial celebrates the concept of a tolerant and connected society.

Workplace Safety

With summer winding down and everyone getting back into the swing of things, now is a great time to revisit the importance of Workplace Safety. The Office of Advancement recognizes that it is the joint responsibility of the Advancement Leadership Team, managers, and employees to maintain a safe working environment for all employees. 

Managers, please have discussions with your staff about the importance of safety, both in the workplace and on the road. All staff should visit QUIRC to access the workplace safety material (under Resources – Human Resources – Health and Safety):

  • Watch the Workplace Safety and the Workplace Harassment and Discrimination training video
  • Review the guidelines
  • Post the pledge
  • Download Queen's SeQure app on your phone 

You can find all of the material on QUIRC.