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Vol. 18 – September 30, 2019

Advancement Leadership Team
Advancement Leadership Team: Steve Hornsby, Leigh Kalin, Scott Anderson, Karen Bertrand, Deanna Bennett, and Tom Hewitt

Advancement’s Digital Future: Some Important Advice from the EAB

By Tom Hewitt, Chief Development Officer

Dr. Jenna Dell from the Education Advisory Board (EAB) walked us through a primer last week and shared some rich information about the opportunities for Advancement in the digital era. The key for Queen’s Advancement will be to digest the material and make some strategic decisions on those select initiatives that can be realistically implemented in the short term (this fiscal year) and the longer term (next two to three years). 

If you were unable to attend the presentation, please make time to review the slide deck. Even if you attended, it would be valuable to take the time to review it again. In either case, please offer your suggestions to your manager regarding those ideas that you think Advancement ought to consider and explain why.

One idea that comes to mind is the possibility of using live streaming to help us reach more people and potentially replace some of our traditional offerings, both alumni and donor events.

This presentation underscored again the enormous value of continuous learning. To remain relevant and contemporary and to ensure best practices are constantly being embedded in the Office of Advancement we must stay abreast of industry trends.

The Breakfast Club: Who We Are and What We Do

The Department of Development has seen a rise in nicknames for some of its informal groups and the ‘Breakfast Club’ is just one example. Modeled on the success of the Chalet Group, and motivated by the importance of ongoing professional development and the value of learning through shared experiences, this group of development and digital officers is committed to accelerating the development of its members.

Members represent all fundraising segments across Advancement, including faculties, the arts, Annual Giving, Gift Planning, and others. This integration allows for deeper collaboration and sharing of resources. The co-chairs organize the meetings once a month, with input from Breakfast Club members on agenda items. The group meets on the second floor of the Grad Club and the choice of venue was chosen intentionally. The relaxed setting helps to keep the meetings informal and allows for a safe space for members to share educational resources, tips and tricks, challenges, and successes. Special guests are invited to present on topics of interest and these guests have included members from senior administration, Gift Planning, and Alumni Relations partners. Interestingly, since its inception in 2017, the group hasn’t actually met for breakfast. They have joked they should actually be nicknamed ‘The Brunch Club.’

New Principal Gifts Unit

The development of a new Principal Gifts unit is underway on two fronts:  

  • How the unit will serve the university and all of its parts is being considered, shaped, and shared by the VP, Advancement and chief development officer with select deans and other campus leaders to ensure it meets their needs.The main focus will be on how and by whom prospective principal gift donors will be handled. 
  • The job posting for the Executive Director, Principal Gifts, is up and the firm of KCI is helping lead the recruitment of this key position. Anyone interested in discussing the opportunity is encouraged to speak to the chief development officer. The posting closes on Nov. 4, 2019.

Jobs with Advancement

We need your recruitment help! Know great talent that would be a good addition to our team? If so, please promote the vacancies below with your networks and let’s find some amazing new team members.

Applications (including a cover letter and resume) must be submitted through CareerQ. For additional information on these postings, please reach out to either Katelyn, Carla, or the hiring manager for the position you are interested in.

Available Positions:

Prospect Research Analyst Prospect Research, Department of Advancement Services Tuesday, Oct. 8 7
Gift Services Assistant Gift Services, Department of Advancement Services Thursday, Oct. 10 5
Development Coordinator Advancement Regional Strategy, Department of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving Monday, Oct. 14 7

Executive Director, Principal Gifts

Principal Gifts, Department of Development Monday, Nov. 4 12

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    Learning Opportunities on Campus

    Each week this new section will highlight educational opportunities on campus and other events that may be of interest to Advancement staff. Please send any suggestions to your ALT member.

    At Agnes:

    Sunday, Sept. 29, 2019 1–3 pm

    Imagining Rembrandt Tours

    Thursday, Oct. 10, 2019 6–8 pm

    Distinguished Lecturer Johnnetta Cole “Displaying Historical Ivory in Museums: Let’s Talk About the Elephant in the Room”

    FUN FACTS – The ’82 Arts and Science Jacket Debacle

    The Queen’s Jacket is more than just a fashion statement or a jacket you wear to keep warm. Wearing the jacket not only makes you an ambassador for the university wherever you wear it, it is something that visually helps distinguish and mark you as part of a unique community. Whether on campus, the streets of Kingston, or around the world, the Queen’s jacket represents an unwavering and unforgettable tradition.

    For some in the class of ’82, their jacket marked them in a special way as the A&S delivery of leather jackets was impacted adversely by an unfortunate problem with the dye. The Arts and Science jackets, which have always been a maroon, were an extraordinary shade of pink – an accident that is proudly worn by members of this class.

    Cha Gheill!