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Vol. 50 – June 1, 2020

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Scott Anderson

Alumni Stories Drive Engagement

By Scott Anderson, Executive Director, Communications, Marketing, Events & Donor Relations

Since the COVID-19 crisis began, Advancement Communications, Marketing, Events, and Donor Relations has profiled members of the Queen’s community who have been giving of themselves to help during the pandemic.

So far, we have told the stories of more than 25 alumni who have been working hard to help their communities, and we were only able to do this because of the contributions of people across Advancement. After we started working remotely, we established what we call a virtual writing room to help build our storytelling capacity in a hurry. Deborah Melman-Clement, who oversees the writing room, has been working with staff from all over our unit and beyond to create these stories and it has been gratifying to see people who don’t normally write for a living jump in and tell compelling stories about our alumni. I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has contributed names of alumni who are making a difference as well as everyone who has made the time to help tell them.

We started this series to demonstrate how the Queen’s community helps contribute to a better world and it’s a message that is clearly resonating with our alumni. Across our social media channels there has been an 18 per cent increase in social media engagement per post overall compared to our posts between Jan. 1, 2020 to Mar. 31, 2020. Instagram saw the largest increase in engagement per post at 331 per cent. Across our channels, we have seen a 55 per cent increase in comments per post overall compared to the same period. Facebook has had the largest increase in comment per post (50 per cent) and there is 44 per cent increase in shares per post on Facebook.

Thanks again to all who have helped make this happen and please keep the ideas coming!

Donor-Centric Proposal Writing in a Post-Pandemic World

On May 27, Senior Development Writer Deborah Melman-Clement shared a few tricks of her trade with a small national audience in a CCAE webinar, Donor-centric Proposal Writing in a Post-Pandemic World. For those of you who missed it, CCAE will be posting a recording on their website any day now.

icon of sun with happy person in middleAdvancement Enhancement Month is Here

Just a reminder that registration has opened and if you haven't registered for activities yet, please do. You don't want to miss out! The kick-off to the month of activities is the keynote address happening at 10:30 am this Thursday, June 4. You will find the activity in your calendar with the Zoom link. To help keep everyone organized we have created a Team called Advancement Enhancement Month. There, you will find the four pillars listed with all activities as well as any supply list/instructions needed for an activity. Have fun!

Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders

On behalf of the ALT, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders review process for the leadership team. We now have our personal results and will be discussing our professional development with Karen and as a team. Please stay tuned for more information as we determine the best way to communicate and use this feedback to improve our personal and team performance as leaders.

icon of car with money icon above itParking Enforcement Update

For those attending campus, free parking will remain available in the Tindall Field surface lot (corner of Albert and Union streets) and at St. Mary’s of the Lake (340 Union St.) until Sunday, June 7; however, bylaw enforcement officers will be ticketing vehicles that do not have valid surface parking permits displayed in all other surface parking lots during the week of June 1 to 7.

For more information, please contact the Parking Office by email.

Fun Fact

black and white photo of football players running in between marching band with crowd watching

Football at Queen's

Football was first played in a rudimentary form at Queen's in the late 1870s as informal matches of "Association Football" [soccer] with catching.

In 1882, two brothers from Ottawa, Fred and Jackson Booth, introduced Queen's athletes to the game of "rugby football," an older version of modern rugby and the game from which football at Queen's evolved.

The game was referred to as rugby football until well into the 20th century and was quite different from the modern game of football - for example, it was not until the 1930s that the now-crucial element of forward passing was permitted.