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Vol. 97 – April, 26, 2021

Scott Anderson, Deanna Bennett, Karen Bertrand, Michelle Fuko, Stephen Hornsby, Leigh Kalin


photo of Deanna Bennett

By Deanna Bennett, Executive Director, Office of the Vice-Principal

Forward, Together - 2021-22 Annual Unit Objectives

At our staff meeting in March, Karen presented Advancement’s high-level annual objectives for 2021-22. Read the presentation.

Drilling down further, I can now share with you the finalized objectives for each unit. Across the five Advancement units there are a total of 33 annual objectives for 2020-21. ALT members will be visiting your team in the near future to present objectives in more detail.

Advancement Services

  • Continue to develop our systems:  Encompass events, virtual event software, Technology Roadmap, Oracle, Online Giving, telephones
  • Continue to develop our data insights through Data Dimensions, enrichment, integrity, and initiatives such as EDII data
  • Prioritize and support strategic reporting and visualization needs
  • Support revisions to PMATS and reframe prospecting efforts to focus on Principal Giving pool development and EDII considerations
  • Improve internal and external processes and materials to enhance the donor experience  
  • Build a Better Workplace, work from home, master data management.

Alumni Relations and Annual Giving

  • Develop university-wide, multi-year alumni engagement strategies for the following :
    • Young Alumni Engagement & Giving
    • Toronto Region
    • Regional Strategy (refined with post-COVID lens)
  • Begin execution of  an international alumni engagement strategy that is not location-dependent
  • Execute second virtual Homecoming in October 2021 and expand experiential alumni events for stakeholders throughout Fiscal 21/22
  • Raise $7M in annual donations by Apr. 30, 2022 and re-imagine mass solicitations
  • Support the successful execution of the QUAA and University Council engagement and education opportunities pertaining to EDII


  • Fundraising Priority Setting Process
  • Integration and growth of Gift Planning
  • Focus on gifts $1M+ and Principal Gifts $5M+
  • Fundraising ($51M in FY22, $400M in 2020-2025)
  • Development Operations: PMATS, dashboard consolidation
  • Trainings (deans, staff)
  • Making Giving Easy
  • EDII in philanthropy (Women, Engagement)

Marketing, Communications and Donor Relations

  • Donor relations review
  • Develop personas and journey mapping
  • Create lecture program
  • Create social media channel strategy
  • Articulate Advancement-wide digital strategy
  • Complete web-site renewal
  • Enhance relationships with Black and Indigenous Alumni chapters, exceed AODA compliance requirements

VP Office

  • Focus on leadership development
  • Promote Advancement as a great place to work
  • Begin developing a training framework
  • Continue the Building a Better Workplace initiative
  • Complete the Business Continuity Plan
  • Develop an Advancement Emergency Management Plan
  • EDII (Advancing IDEAS, documenting, tracking and reporting EDII work)

Key to Success graphicValues action statements

By Kate Bearse, Executive Assistant, Office of the Vice-Principal (Advancement)

We have spent the last year working together on what values we want to hold ourselves accountable to on a daily basis. After sharing a list of observable behaviours for each value, we asked you to narrow it down to what was the most important to you. Thank you for taking the time to review and choose. Having values means nothing if we do not have observable behaviours to back them up, as well as hold ourselves accountable to. Below you will find the list of the most important observable behaviours to our Advancement colleagues.


  • I hold myself accountable for my work and take responsibility for the outcome.
  • I hold others accountable in a productive way. This includes setting clear expectations and providing clear feedback.
  • I recognize opportunities for process improvements and learn from mistakes.
  • I own my mistakes and discuss them in an open and honest way.
  • I don’t blame others, make excuses, or pawn off responsibilities (or failure) onto others.


  • I treat my colleagues with respect and compassion by responding when appropriate in a timely and professional manner.
  • I show a genuine interest in and appreciation of others’ perspectives, knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  • I find ways to collaborate outside of my immediate team or unit, to further our mutual goals and to honor our roles as stewards of alumni engagement and our donors’ giving journey.
  • I am open to new ideas, wherever they may come from.
  • I express recognition and gratitude for the efforts and contributions of others.


  • I take the time to learn about the diversity of opinions and perspectives because I recognize they are important to help us all increase our knowledge and expertise.
  • I take responsibility for becoming more self-aware and for learning and educating myself about Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.
  • I commit to tolerance and inclusion, to inviting feedback and to acting on that feedback in a way that makes my colleagues feel heard and respected.
  • I show a genuine interest in and appreciation of others’ perspectives, knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  • I create a space where everyone feels safe to speak up.


  • I don’t judge others when they ask for help or ask for what they need.
  • I choose courage over comfort by facing difficult tasks and conversations rather than avoiding them.
  • I always give others the chance to explain themselves, and move forward considering those other points of view.
  • I choose to do the right thing, even when it’s hard.
  • I lead by example.


  • I respond to others in a prompt, courteous and knowledgeable manner with thorough follow-up.
  • I identify issues and share challenges in a respectful way to improve process and system challenges that interfere with our service delivery.
  • I take responsibility for our “customers’” experience.
  • I offer my expertise as a resource to team members in addressing concerns.
  • I seek out and listen to others’ needs in order to develop ideas and solutions.

Advancement After-School

As we all know, advancement staff are once again juggling working remotely with virtual learning for any school-aged children they live with. As parents ourselves, all members of the ALT are sympathetic to the impact of this so we would like to announce Advancement After-School the week of May 3 to provide some respite, and a real change of pace.

Programming is limited to school-aged children, but if you dare, and if your children are interested, we now invite registrations for Advancement After-school. Program offerings are listed below.

Grades ALT Host Program Title and Description Date and Time Registration Link
JK & SK Leigh and Deanna

Story and Stretch - Bedtime story with Leigh and Sydney Kalin, followed by gentle yoga with Deanna, Emma, and Gracie Bennett – all you need is comfy clothes (think pajamas), a pillow, and a smile.

Wed. May, 5

6:15 - 7 pm 

Register for Story and Stretch

Grades 1 & 2


Pet Show and Tell – Since our pets keep coming on-screen, let’s introduce them to everyone! After introducing themselves, students will introduce their family pet or favourite stuffed animal to the whole class and share one thing about their pet or their stuffie that makes them special or any tricks or fun facts about them. Other students can ask questions if they want, and together we will build social skills and confidence.

Tues. May, 4

4 - 4:45 pm

Register for Pet Show and Tell

Grades 3 & 4 Scott

A Ghost Tour of Queen’s

Thurs. May, 6

4 - 4:45 pm

Register for A Ghost Tour of Queen's

Grades 5 & 6 Michelle

Cooking Dinner for the Family hosted by Rehema Fuko – In this session, Rehema Fuko (age 12) will host an interactive cooking session for her peer group. In one hour, we will cook a full family meal ready for your family on that very evening. Please register at least five days in advance with family size and dietary restrictions. Participants will be emailed an ingredients list. Given the age group, parents need to be comfortable with some cooking on the stove or oven (but it will be simple). Dinner should be ready by 6!

Thurs. May, 6

4:45 - 5:45 pm


Register for Cooking dinner for the family

Grades 7 & 8 Steve 

From Tree to Sea - Through a slideshow, see how to turn a pile of wood into a boat (a Norwegian faering to be exact).  We’ll check out some cool boatbuilding tools, talk wood, learn the different parts of the faering and maybe even bend some wood in the steam box!  At the end of the session, Steve will take everyone on a short tour of a lapstrake daysailor in the backyard.  

Thurs. May, 6

4:30 – 5:30 pm

Register for From Tree to Sea

By pure coincidence, the week of May 3 is also Education Week in Ontario. Apologies that French immersion programming is not currently available, and we can’t confirm if the programming offered will directly relate to every school curriculum, but we can guarantee that this will be educational – for everyone who participates!

Queen's Distinguished Service Awards

By Natalie Shearer, Alumni Officer, Volunteer Liaison, Alumni Relations & Annual Giving

One of the truly rewarding aspects of being part of the Office of Advancement is working with incredible folks throughout the Queen’s community -- from our colleagues within Advancement to faculty, staff, and ,of course, alumni.

If you have somebody in mind who you feel has contributed to making the university a better place through their extraordinary efforts, University Council invites you to nominate them for the 2021 Distinguished Service Awards.

Inaugurated by the University Council in 1974, this award recognizes outstanding service to Queen’s over an extended period of time. A strong nomination should demonstrate a breadth of impact throughout their service to Queen’s, with contributions above and beyond their primary role related to the university.

The nomination is completed online and must include a summary of experience (consisting of five categories as detailed in the form), and five to eight signed nomination letters from current or retired employees of the university, students, members of the University Council, the Queen's University Alumni Association, or the Board of Trustees. All complete nominations will be considered and reviewed by the University Council Executive Committee.

We are asked to submit nominations by Friday Apr. 30, 2021 at 4 pm. You can access additional information on the guidelines, including the online nomination form,  or reach out directly to Natalie Shearer, Alumni Officer, Volunteer Liaison if you have any questions or have a nominee in mind and would like assistance putting together a nomination package.


icon of person with bar graph beside themRecords and Information Management Awareness Month – Week 4 activity

By Cheyenne Litt, Data Stewardship Specialist

It’s the last week of Records and Information Management Awareness Month. Thank you to all who have participated so far.

As this is the final week of the event, and the final week of the fiscal year, we want you to reflect on your own records management practices. We are looking for your tips and tricks for managing your own records, be it email, the shared network, or even on your personal computer.

All you have to do is email three RIM Tips & Tricks to Cheyenne Litt by end of day Friday, Apr. 30, and you’ll be entered into the draw for a $50 Wharf and Feather Gift Card (for Office of Advancement employees only)! Remember, if you have completed all four of the weekly activities, you will get a bonus entry into the draw (and yes, we will still accept submissions for all of the previous’ weeks activities until end of day on Friday, Apr. 30 if you missed them)!

There's a name for the blah you're feeling: It's called "languishing"

The neglected middle child of mental health can dull your motivation and focus — and it may be the dominant emotion of 2021. Read the full article in The New York Times.

Free online fitness classes for Spring 2021

Our friends at the ARC have been working with us to provide an enhanced offering of free online fitness classes for staff for the spring term. Here’s a snapshot of what’s available:

Monday 12 pm Mat Pilates
Tuesday 12 pm GentleYoga
Tuesday 5:30 pm Intermediate Power Pilates
Wednesday 12 pm Essentrics
Thursday 12 pm Yoga 4 Relaxation
Friday 12 pm Triple Threat Cardio
Saturday 11 am Pilo HIIT

Go to the Learning Catalogue to register.

Developing your writing

The first-ever Development Communications Master Class is just three weeks away.

Development staff will receive an invitation to register for an eight-week virtual master class in development communications led by Senior Development Writer Deborah Melman-Clement. You’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about:

  • How persuasion works
  • Writing cases for support
  • Strategic storytelling
  • Key messages and social media
  • Donorcentricity and proposals

Seating is limited, so you’ll need to register quickly.

If you have questions, contact Kelly Cox.