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Vol. 8 - July 22, 2019

Advancement Leadership Team
Advancement Leadership Team: Steve Hornsby, Leigh Kalin, Scott Anderson, Karen Bertrand, Deanna Bennett, and Tom Hewitt

Let’s make a promise

Scott Anderson

Just a few weeks ago the steps of Summerhill were crowded with gowned graduates getting their photos snapped by proud parents or taking selfies with their classmates one last time before they went off into the big wide world. It was a delight to watch them indulging their parents, laughing with friends, relieved to have made it – full of promise and bearing a hot-off-the-press Queen’s degree to help them on their way.

A few folks in the Advancement Marketing and Communications unit have been thinking of that word – promise – a lot lately as we’ve been working on ways to bring a new campaign to life. On the surface, the Promise Campaign is a three-year, university-wide campaign – set to launch publicly this fall – to raise $30 million for student financial aid. Dig a little deeper, and it’s about ensuring that as many students as possible leave here without the worry of crippling debt. Go further, and the Promise Campaign is a story about opening up futures that would not exist otherwise. It’s a story of transforming lives because of the gift of a Queen’s education.

That’s how we want to tell the story – through donors who are able to give back because they received the gift of Queen’s. Through the stories of alumni who are changing the world because someone made a promise to help. And, through students whose bright futures have been opened wide before them because of philanthropy.  

These are the stories of people like David Pound, Sc’70, MSc’73, who, as a second-year student, found himself in financial trouble and received a $125 bursary which enabled him to finish the year. As an expression of gratitude, David created a family bursary (which includes a planned gift from his mother) to support Engineering students in financial need. 

We will tell the story of Peng Sang Cau, Com’94, a refugee from Cambodia, who settled with her family in Regina and applied to Queen’s on the advice of a high school teacher. She was only able to attend thanks to a series of bursaries. Peng met her husband, an Engineering student, on campus. Together they formed Transformix Engineering, a company that is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. 

Then there is Aysha Tabassum, Comm’22, a first-year Commerce student and a first-generation Canadian who was raised in a low-income Toronto suburb. She is active with the Centre for Social Impact and aspires to start a charitable foundation in her native Bangladesh to provide mentorship for girls there who don’t have the same opportunities that she has in Canada. She was able to come to Queen’s thanks to the Commerce’88 Award.

Our colleagues across Advancement and throughout the university have introduced us to nine donors, alumni, and students with inspiring stories to share. Thanks for that. We’d love to tell more. If you know of someone whose story should be told, please let us know.

The Promise Campaign is a way for all of us, together, to contribute to future Junes when the steps of Summerhill will be crowded with happy, accomplished, and promising young people ready to conquer the world because someone gave them the gift of Queen’s.

JDUC Revitalization

When I was a student here, nobody talked about the JDUC. That’s because it was several decades ago, in the pre-acronym age. We didn’t talk about the JDUC, but we talked a lot about the John Deutsch University Centre. The John Deutsch (the accepted abbreviation at the time) was where we hung out when we weren’t in class.

When I came back to Queen’s five months ago, I was surprised to learn that the John Deutsch had a new name. I was even more surprised to learn that it wasn’t the centre of student life the way it used to be.

Last spring, Queen’s students approved a plan to restore the JDUC to its former glory, to make it the kind of place students want to spend time in again. They envisioned a new accessible, sustainable JDUC complete with more study space, more club space, and more space for student wellness services.

This fall, we’re launching a mini-campaign to help them bring that vision to life. The university, the Alma Mater Society (AMS), and the Society of Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS) have already contributed more than $52 million toward the $62-million project. We are turning to our donors for the remaining $10 million. Materials for the campaign include a website and a pitchbook that will be ready next month. You can see an early draft of the pitchbook on the wall display outside the Communications office.

We are Growing

We are happy to announce that Wendy Treverton has been hired as our new Digital Designer. This position was created to address the growing need for graphic and digital design expertise within Advancement, and we’re excited to have Wendy bring her creativity and experience to the role. Wendy currently works as a front-end design/developer at the Smith School of Business and has more than 15 years of experience in the design industry. We look forward to Wendy joining Advancement next month. In the meantime, check out her work

Later this summer we look forward to introducing a new position, that of Events Marketing and Communications Officer. The Advancement Events unit, in collaboration with event clients and partners, works to develop event platforms that further Advancement’s strategic goals and priorities. They will be responsible for the planning, project management, and execution of alumni and benefactor events as well as for the design and implementation of event-related marketing and communications strategies, and other Office of Advancement communications as needed. We’ll let you know when the position is ready for posting and encourage you to promote it to your networks.

Planning for Queen’s Day

The Office of Advancement is collaborating with the AMS to reinstate Queen’s Day, a tradition started in 1841 and held throughout the university’s history. 
This year, Queen’s Day will take place the week prior to Homecoming. Students will be involved in activities intended to boost school pride and raise money for an important cause (to be determined). Alumni will be asked to join in, too.

Do you have any ideas on how to celebrate Queen’s Day? Send them to

More details will be announced in the coming weeks.