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Vol. 26 - Nov. 25, 2019

Advancement Leadership Team
Advancement Leadership Team: Steve Hornsby, Leigh Kalin, Scott Anderson, Tom Hewitt, Karen Bertrand and Deanna Bennett.

Deanna Bennett

Team Effort to Reach Our Goal

By Deanna Bennett, Executive Director, Office of the Vice-Principal

Advancement’s number one objective for 2019-20 is “Meet or exceed fundraising target of $60 million by April 30, 2020.” It is important that everyone understands the value we each provide to get us closer to achieving that goal. 

In the VP’s Office we see the link between our daily activities and the bigger picture – human resources delivers value through people, and an important job of the finance department is to align daily financial decisions with longer-term objectives. When I asked Kate, Administrative Assistant, Office of the Vice-Principal (Advancement), how she felt her role contributes she said: “I work closely with Development and Regional Strategy colleagues to ensure VP and Principal availability for meetings and events with alumni, donors, and friends. I also work with Karen to ensure any follow up, stewardship, etc., is completed in a timely manner."

I also reached out to others to see what they had to say.

Maryanne, Alumni Officer, International Programs, said: “I must admit that when I first joined the Advancement team, I felt a certain relief being in Alumni Relations, because I didn’t need to worry about what I [then] felt was the “uncomfortable” work of asking alumni for money. However, over the past nine years, I’ve come to see that volunteerism and philanthropy are two essential sides of the same coin, and they cannot (and should not) exist in isolation. My current work with the Bader International Study Centre (BISC) is a perfect example. The Castle alumni community is somewhat unique in that the majority of graduates are still relatively young, and are paying off student debts and raising families. With this in mind, we’ve developed a strategically integrated approach to BISC alumni engagement and philanthropy, where individuals are encouraged to support the Castle as both volunteers and donors. Virtually all major Castle alumni communications – even those that are more Alumni Relations focused – include key messaging about the importance of philanthropy, encouraging alumni to give back at whatever level is meaningful and comfortable for them. We’ve also begun to gently introduce philanthropy as part of in-person Alumni Relations visits with BISC alumni; for me, this has been a particularly interesting and exciting next step! Our hope is that this integrated approach will ensure a strong and robust pipeline of alumni volunteers, donors and future donors who may not be able to give now, but will be meaningfully engaged – and well-informed about the BISC’s current philanthropic priorities – until they’re ready to give back financially.”

Maryanne, Kim and Kate

Kim, Alumni Officer, Branches sees the value in building relationships and connecting alumni and stewarding top donors/ prospects including leveraging their time and talent as speakers and mentors or celebrating and showcasing the impact of the degree by highlighting their accomplishments through award programs. Kim said: “This is important because they become our messengers and examples to other alumni on the importance of giving back to Queen’s.” She also sees the value in working directly with younger alumni, and said “coaching them and developing them as community leaders and thanking them for their contributions and giving them a voice and a seat at the table – this is building and nurturing the pipeline.” Kim has recently been working the Discovery list and setting up assessment visits to chat with alumni about their experience at Queen’s and their feelings on philanthropy. She sums up by saying: “The best way I can describe my contribution to the fundraising goals here is that I open the door for my Development colleagues to further explore their interest. I have seen alumni in the last month that haven’t been seen by anyone either in years or ever. I am able to hand over my Development colleague a warmed up prospect.”

I encourage all of you to consider how the work you do contributes to our goal. Together, we make a difference.

Space Planning Update

SummerhillWork has been completed in Summerhill West and Alumni Relations has moved in. Right now Marketing, Communications, Events, and Donor Relations are making adjustments to fit them all in their current space on the second floor of Summerhill East. Repair work will soon begin in the basement of Summerhill, room 010, to fix a long standing structural issue that will stop the flooding. Once the problem has been fixed the flooring, etc., will be replaced. The Space Force group will get down to business in December when we meet to discuss longer term space function and utilization.

DiSC Personality Profile

There are still a few people/teams that have not completed an Everything DiSC Workplace assessment or taken part in a workshop! From 9 am to noon on Dec. 19, I will be facilitating a fun, engaging, and educational DISC workshop for any Advancement staff that want to join. Register here!

A Reminder to Register for the Holiday Party

All Advancement staff are encouraged to join us from 11:30 am to 3 pm on Tuesday, Dec. 3 at the Donald Gordon Conference Center for our annual year-end celebration! We welcome you to wear your best holiday ugly-sweater and to enjoy the delicious holiday lunch, fun, games, and prizes our organizing committee has arranged for us. 
Registration for the event is $10 and can be completed online from Nov. 18 to 26.
As in previous years, Advancement has selected a charity that we would like to share the gift of goodwill with and donations during this special time of year. This year’s charity of choice is Addiction and Mental Health Services -–KFLA. Please consider giving to this wonderful cause.  
Don’t forget to register, and we look forward to spending a relaxing afternoon of celebration ALTogether.

Queen’s Holiday Closure

This year Christmas Day falls on a Wednesday, therefore the university will be closed from Tuesday, Dec. 24 until Thursday, Jan. 2, with only designated essential services running. Did you know that when Christmas Eve falls on a normal working day staff are encouraged to leave at noon? For more information on this closure, visit the Human Resources website.

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