Before October ends, you will receive an email with an opportunity to experience the newly released DiSC Catalyst platform. For those who may not be as familiar with DiSC, these profiles show respondents how they react to conflict, identifies motivators and triggers of stress, and how you solve problems. These profiles improve team communication and understanding amongst teams. 
As a past DiSC learner, you will receive an assessment that will require you to answer a few additional questions to unlock further information about you and your DiSC style within the Catalyst platform. 
In this platform, you will learn more about your DiSC style, and connect in a fun, creative way with the people you work with. Catalyst is designed to replace the existing DiSC website. During the transition phase, your profiles will still be available on that site. Explore Catalyst by watching their demonstration video

Virtual Everything DiSC training program

New DiSC learners, here is your opportunity to attend a similar DiSC training program that others have experienced in the past. 
The Everything DiSC Workplace training program uses the Everything DiSC Workplace profile to help individuals and teams improve their communications, cooperation, and effectiveness.
First, individuals will better understand and be more aware of their own communication style, including the hidden priorities and triggers that influence behaviour. This will help you understand, appreciate, and work more effectively with people who have styles different from your own. Then, the focus shifts to understanding our co-workers at that deeper level, and, lastly, to using that knowledge to connect with them more effectively and build better relationships. 
Please register for the Virtual Everything DiSC training program – Nov. 19 from 10 am — 4 pm. Registration closes Oct. 29.

Stakeholder engagement safety 

As things open up more and more, now is a good time to bring forward an initiative that was launched in May 2019, Advancement’s Stakeholder Engagement Safety Guidelines
The guidelines cover employees in the course of their advancement work who may, as a requirement of their position, interact with donors, alumni, volunteers and/or other stakeholders in both an on- and off-campus setting. The guidelines have been used to support managers and employees in discussing personal risk assessments, and have ultimately empowered employees to make decisions that allow them to feel safe.
And please let us know if these guidelines serve their purpose. A considerable amount of effort was invested to ensure these guidelines work for the whole team, but a lot has changed and new people have joined the team. So, we are asking: Do you feel protected by these guidelines? If not, why, and what changes do you recommend be made? Please share your thoughts with your Advancement Leadership Team member.

Homecoming 2021: Oct. 14 — 17


More than 16 campus partners are working together to offer our most multi-layered Homecoming yet. Twenty-eight sessions, 40 on-demand booths, at least 83 different speakers, and 38 staff supporting. We hope you can all join us.
We have an exciting mix of faculty events, panels, student presenters, a musical performance by Juno-award-winning artist William Prince – and more. Staff are encouraged to register, and please feel free to chime in on the Hopin chat during the weekend to welcome prospects, alumni and donors, review the event schedule, and celebrate our reunion alumni.
A tremendous thank you to all of our colleagues who have been helping put this all together.

Flynn award

Nominations are now being accepted for The T. Geoffrey Flynn Advancement Champions Award. This award is presented annually to honour an individual member of the Queen’s community who has made a significant contribution to linking Queen’s University’s advancement activities with research and teaching excellence at Queen’s.  Such a contribution might be related to: outstanding effort, organization, and results as an Advancement "champion;" playing a strong leadership role in integrating the role of advancement within a faculty, school, department, unit, or volunteer organization; becoming involved in advancement work in addition to their duties; performing regular duties that assist the advancement function in a superlative way.  All members of the Queen’s community are eligible, including faculty and staff, with the exception of individuals who are part of the Office of Advancement. Nominations will be accepted until Friday, Nov. 12, 2021. For more information please contact Kate Bearse.

Employee spotlight

The Employee spotlight celebrates the arrival of our new staff by profiling responses they share through a fun and informal survey that will help us get to know them better. Be sure to review these profiles and use these fun facts and tidbits to find commonalities, embrace differences and spark a conversation! 

Today's current Advancement staff feature is, Jon Bennett, in the position of Service Desk Training Specialist, Applications and Infrastructure, Information Technology Management. 

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