Office of Advancement
Office of Advancement

The Class of 2016 has only been away from campus a few months, but Queen’s is welcoming the new grads back with open arms during Homecoming this year. For the first time, there will be official events and programming for new grads on the Oct. 14-16 weekend.

Queen’s currently plans special, signature events for the 5th and 25th reunion years, as well as the Tricolour Guard (50 years plus). Reunion Zero is the official reunion for the newest grads.

Queen’s Manager of Volunteer Relations and Reunions, Sarah Indewey, says it is time for the new grads to get some special treatment.

“We wanted to give them a formal invitation. We knew that, despite not having official programming for the graduating class, they were coming back for the football game and attending different Faculty events,” says Ms. Indewey, noting that last year 138 members of the Class of 2015 officially registered for Homecoming.

Brooke Brimmer, the permanent Queen’s School of Nursing Class of 2016 president and nursing reunion coordinator, was thrilled when she heard about the Reunion Zero Homecoming

“Reunion Zero only adds to the exceptional school spirit Queen’s is known for. It is the start of a new tradition. Although it has only been a short time since we were students, it will be exciting to catch up with peers, classmates and professors,” says Ms. Brimmer.

The signature event for Reunion Zero will be a “Homecoming Launch” party on Friday night (Oct. 14) at the Grizzly Grill. Most signature events take place on Saturday but consultations with students and young alumni suggested that new grads wanted to meet up with friends early in the weekend and not have an event that conflicts with Saturday night’s popular ReUnion Street Festival.

Reunion Zero support goes beyond simply hosting special events. Behind the scenes the Queen’s Alumni Relations department are already working with Class of 2016 reunion coordinators by providing training and connecting them to other, more-experienced coordinators. Alumni relations staff have contacted and met with many coordinators this spring while the students were still on campus.     

“We wanted to make sure the next generation of philanthropists and volunteers are engaged in meaningful ways with the university. We know how interested students and alumni are in Homecoming. So we started to look at that as a way to engage young alumni,” says Ms. Indewey.

New grads who are taking part in their first Homecoming as alumni are encouraged to officially register for the event online.

The advantages of officially registering is you will receive email updates on Homecoming news and get free Reunion Zero merchandise during registration check-in at Grant Hall on Homecoming weekend. People can see who has officially registered for Homecoming by checking the online “Who’s Coming” list.