At the time of this writing, the 2022 Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education (CCAE) National Conference in Niagara Falls was nearing completion. Bringing together educational advancement delegates from across the country, this year’s conference marked the return of in-person activities after a two-year hiatus. While many of us have maintained close contact with our colleagues through virtual platforms, it was great (speaking for myself) to join others on site. And – like many of our own institutions – this conference also supported hybrid programming, which has extended the reach of many of our respective events.

This year’s conference held special meaning for me. On Friday, I attended my last meeting as a board member, having completed two three-year terms. I would have to say that my experience was a good one as there are a broad range of meaningful and impactful opportunities for board member involvement. This model of a “working” board works well given the close and co-operative relationship between board members and the talented staff at CCAE.

Over the course of my term, I was a member of the Finance and Audit Committee, supported the early development of the CASE-CCAE Support of Education Survey, assisted with professional development program development for the Advancement Services stream, and participated in a host of other activities. During my last term, I was honoured to chair the Distinguished Service Awards Selection Committee. This was an incredible experience as I found myself humbled both by the passion of the nominators and, of course, the contributions, and achievements of the nominees themselves.

I can truly say this has been one of the best experiences of my career. At times, it was a busy slate, but the work was always relevant and beneficial to the sector. I wanted to take this opportunity to offer my appreciation to those that supported this commitment. To Queen’s, thank you for the support and encouragement that allowed me to immerse in CCAE activities and special projects. To the board members past and current, you are all terrific people and I thank you for your camaraderie over the years – I have learned a lot from this talented group. And last but certainly not least, a tremendous thanks to the small but mighty core staff at CCAE – Kara, Tara, and Mark. As a volunteer, I could not have wished for better staff support through this engagement – it was a privilege to work alongside you.      

Records and Information Management (RIM) Awareness Month celebration

By Cheyenne Litt, Data Stewardship Specialist

I’m back! Welcome to the start of the RIM Awareness Month celebration. 

By way of a refresher, Data Governance and Data Quality (DGDQ) will run a different, five-minute activity over the next four weeks that promotes awareness of records and information management, including proper storage practices and retention requirements. For each activity you participate in, you will receive one entry into a draw for a first-place prize of a $50 Wharf and Feather gift card, and a second-place prize of a $10 Tim Hortons gift card (for Advancement staff only). Participate in all four activities to earn a bonus entry!

Activity details will be released each Monday in ALTogether Now and on QUIRC, and proof of participation will be due by end of day the following Friday. The winner of the draw will be announced the week of July 5.

This week’s activity

Our activity for this week is Records Management at Home. Below you will find a records management-related situation. Read the scenario and decide how you would respond, then submit your answers in this webform by the end of the day on Friday, June 3.

“You have been working remotely for a while now and it’s finally time to clean up your office space. While cleaning, you realize you’ve accumulated a variety of paper documents. After going through them, you’ve identified which documents you can get rid of, which you want to keep for yourself, and which need to be retained according to a Queen’s Record Retention Schedule. How do you handle the records that can be gotten rid of?”

To help you out, check out our Storage and Disposal of Records at Home – Best Practices on the I:drive (File path: ADV Common/Data Governance and Data Quality/Records Retention/Disposal and Storage of Records at Home Best Practices). 

Thanks for your participation!

Survey reminder: Hybrid work pilot and leadership check-in

A friendly reminder to fill out this survey to help the Advancement Leadership Team understand how effectively they're leading in relation to our hybrid work environment and share your work-from-home experience to date. 

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