The Alfred Bader Fellowship in Memory of Jean Royce

Grants & Fellowship

Established in November 2003 by Alfred Bader, Sc'45, Arts'46, MSc'47, LLD '86, and other friends, in memory of Jean I. Royce, BA'30, LLD'68, Registrar, Queen's University. This fellowship is awarded to a woman graduate of Queen's University for one year of study and research or to pursue an endeavour which contributes to the advancement of knowledge, contributes to society, or allows creative expression. All requirements for a Queen's degree must be completed by the spring convocation in the year of the competition.

For more information on applying for this award, visit Queen's Alumnae - Fellowships for Graduates of Queen's.

2016 - Shauna Elliott, Artsci'07, MA'10

2015 - Jessica Finlay, Artsci'10, Ed'11

2014 - Sarah Saska-Crozier, Artsci'07

2013 - Hannah Broekhoven-Fiene, Artsci'09

2012 - Julie Lee-Yaw, Artsci'03

2011 - Carey Morgan, Law'09

2010 - Pamela Seeds, Artsci'05

2009 - Laura Adams, Artsci'08

2008 - Mireille Gomes, Artsci'08

2007 - Radha Rajagopalan, Artsci'03, Sc'04

2006 - Sharon Cushing, Artsci'98, Artsci'99

2005 - Jenna-Dawn Shervill, Artsci'05

2004 - Mary Rose, Artsci'04