Marsha Lampman Branch Volunteer Award

The award was named in honour of Marsha Lampman, BA’74, who was a diligent volunteer for the Sarnia Branch for more than 12 years prior to her untimely death in 1996. This award is presented to the alumnus/alumna who best exemplifies Marsha Lampman's outstanding dedication and service to a Branch of the Queen's University Alumni Association.

Award Eligibility & Criteria

Candidates should be:

  • A Queen’s alumnus/alumna
  • A current or past volunteer within the Queen’s University Alumni Association Branches program
  • Someone who has made a significant, peer-recognized contribution as a Branch alumni volunteer to further engage our members in the life and work of the University and its association

2020 Recipient

Allan McGavin

Allan McGavin

Since 2013, Allan McGavin has volunteered on the executive committee of the Vancouver Alumni Branch, serving four years as the Branch president. Under Allan’s leadership, the Vancouver Branch launched a mentorship program in 2017, connecting recent graduates with Queen’s alumni who are established in their field. He has also pushed an initiative to help new graduates transition into life in Vancouver with ease. Despite a busy career in corporate law, he is committed to volunteering and continues to be involved in community initiatives.