Faculty of Health Sciences - The Gerri MacEwen Memorial Lecture in Nursing

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Join Dr. Roger Pilon for the Gerri MacEwan Memorial Lecture in Nursing hosted by the School of Nursing. Dr. Pilon will be presenting on Decolonizing Diabetes. He'll be exploring how to promote culturally safe and competent care. 

Dr. Pilon's program of research focuses primarily on Indigenous health and, more specifically, the decolonization of type two diabetes care. In his experience, conducting research with Indigenous communities takes time and patience. He has spent over 25 years networking, building trust, and establishing a good working relationship with several of the First Nation communities along the North Shore of Lake Huron where he conducted his doctoral research. Dr. Pilon has experience with ethnographic, grounded theory, and community-based participatory research methodologies.

About the Lecture in Nursing

The Gerri MacEwen Memorial Lecture in Nursing was established by Dr. Pete MacEwen, MD'73, in memory of his wife, Gerri MacEwen. The Lecture fund brings speakers to the School of Nursing on a variety of topics, including nursing education, research, scholarship, clinical expertise, and innovation.

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