Queen's Venture Network The Human Connection - Understanding Barrier, Optimizing for Success

Queen's Venture Network - The Human Connection

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Human connection has never been more important, nor more challenging, for entrepreneurs and leaders to facilitate. This connection, an energy exchange that strengthens relationships and ideas, has been one many of us formerly took for granted — but has become a unifying opportunity for today’s business leaders.

How are leaders, both new and seasoned, managing organizational silos, system and process failures? How does coaching play a part in mentorship, personal development, and building organizational community? What can we learn from those thriving in this new world, and what it means to have emotional intelligence and empathy as leaders? And finally, what do investors seek in entrepreneurial ventures when looking for a strong culture of connection?

Join Queen's Venture Network Toronto as they host a virtual guest panel of executives and entrepreneurs and dive into the role of human connection in building, scaling, and nurturing teams.

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