Fund Reporting to Donors

Fund Reports

Each year, Queen's provides a Fund Report to donors who have established funds with the university.  These reports outline the performance of your fund, how your gifts are managed and what impact they have on the University.

To help you understand your fund report and terminology, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for additional details. Should you have any further questions or would like an update on your funds' performance, please contact our Stewardship Team.

Queen's Pooled Endowment Fund

The Pooled Endowment Fund (PEF) is an investment pool composed of funds that have been designated to University Endowment accounts. Donations received by the University are invested in the PEF and each year certain amounts are withdrawn according to the spending policy. These annual withdrawals fund scholarships, academic chairs, book funds, lectureships, as well as a diverse range of university programs.

Queen's Pooled Endowment Fund

Donations to the Queen’s University Pooled Endowment Fund (the Endowment) are critical to the long-term stability and growth of the University. Each donor-created fund becomes part of the University’s Endowment, held in perpetuity. Queen’s Endowment invests in a diversified portfolio of financial assets designed to maximize long-term risk-adjusted returns, provide stable annual payouts to support donor-specified priorities, and preserve purchasing power for future generations.

Queen’s Endowment has surpassed $1 billion and represents a legacy of invested donors whose contributions place Queen’s among the top five university endowments in Canada. During the 2017-18 fiscal year, Queen’s Endowment provided more than $36 million to support scholarships, research chairs, and a diverse range of University programs aligned with our donors’ intentions.

With the management of Queen’s Endowment comes a responsibility that we take very seriously, and we thank you for entrusting us. We are pleased to share with you information on the performance of Queen’s Endowment and its ongoing impact on students and faculty.

We thank you for your support and partnership.

Karen Bertrand
Vice-Principal (Advancement)

Jim Keohane
Chair of the Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees 

Endowment Fund Performance

 Investment Return Objectives

  • Maximize investment returns at an acceptable level of risk.
  • Maintain the real value of the fund through capital appreciation to ensure spending for future generations.

Investment Benefits

  • Professional investment management
  • Access to top-tier investment managers around the globe.
  • Low investment fees due to the large size of the fund.

PEF Market Values 

PEF Market Value 2016/17