About QSAA

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Applications for QSAA Ambassadors are due September 17th at 11:59 pm. For more information about hiring or to receive the application in a different format, please email QSAA President.


QSAA is made up of a 35 students, including the volunteer Ambassadors, Directors, and the President. QSAA hires over 20 Ambassadors for our team every year. Our Ambassadors help out at events, network with successful alumni, attend exclusive Alumni Association events, have tea with the Principal, and meet students from different years and faculties! 

In addition to the ambassador team, each year the QSAA President application is posted in January. The paid President role is responsible for hiring and leading the Director and Ambassador volunteer team, as well as establishing the vision, management, and delivery of all QSAA programming and communications. The President is support by a volunteer Executive Board. The four Director applications are posted in February:

  • Director of Volunteers: This role is responsible for ensuring a positive volunteer experience amongst the ambassadors by facilitating team training, meetings, and socials.
  • Director of Giving: This role oversees philanthropic education including the Tricolor Giving Initiative and Philanthropy Day.
  • Director of Marketing & Communications: This role manages all internal and external communication, through online our social media platforms and physical marketing on campus.
  • Director of Student Transition: This role oversees programming that help prepare students for success beyond graduation, including the Backpack to Briefcase and Alumni Speaker events.