Executive Board

Meet the Queen's Student Alumni Association Executive Board.

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QSAA President – Becca Dann, Artsci’19 (Politics & Global Development)

Becca Dann

Becca’s involvement on campus includes participating orientation week as an Arts and Science Orientation Coordinator, working at Common Ground, volunteering at the Peer Support Centre, and most recently working as the Talent Acquisition Manager for the Alma Mater Society. She is thrilled to be joining the team as the President of Queen’s Student Alumni Association and is looking forward to the exciting year ahead.

Director of Giving – Annalisa Parsons, Artsci‘21 (Politics)

Annalisa Parsons

Annalisa has been involved with QSAA as a general ambassador in her first year, and as a philanthropy ambassador in her second year, which resulted in QSAA Ambassador Award selection. With her strong customer service skill set, Annalisa is excited to inspire and educate campus equipped with her belief that philanthropy is an important part of everyone’s experience at Queen’s.

Director of Marketing and Communications - Ellen Barss, Com’19

Ellen Barss

From Calgary, Ellen grew up close to the Rocky Mountains, where she learned to ski and hike and tries to get outside whenever she has a spare moment. From a young age Ellen has held a passion for art and painting and was featured in two art shows in Calgary. Now she channels her creative energy into the Marketing and Communications portfolio at QSAA which she has been part of for two years: first as an Ambassador and now as the Director.

Director of Student Transition - Gillian Baker, Artsci’20 (Global Development)

Gillian BakerGillian was raised in a small town outside of Ottawa, called Carleton Place, and now lives in Kingston full time with eight other girls who have become her sisters and have taught her to crave a busy lifestyle. She is very passionate about art and photography, and that is what lead her to QSAA, becoming the photography student ambassador for QSAA in her third year. Gillian is excited to pursue her new role a Director for QSAA, and she intends on helping students transition into their new path as engaged Alumni and provide them with the resources they need to be successful.

Director of Volunteers - Mirusha Rajendram, Artsci’21 (Life Sciences)

Mirusha RajendramRaised in Markham, Mirusha is heading into her third year and hopes to pursue a career in medicine. Involved with QSAA as an Ambassador this past year, Mirusha is very excited about the upcoming year as Director of Volunteers