QSAA International

QSAA International represents a commitment by the Queen's Student Alumni Association to further connections between Queen's students and the global alumni network. 

QSAA International seeks to engage students with the global alumni network through 3 main initiatives:

  1. Connecting current Queen's students living abroad to local alumni by encouraging student attendance at international alumni branch events and connecting individual students to nearby alumni
  2. Engaging international students with the Queen's community on campus by reaching out to these students and connecting them to international resources and programming on campus
  3. Providing current students with international resources to aid them in any international goals they may have 

What is the Global Network?

The Global Network is a series of connections between alumni, students, and branches across the world. It spans over 150 countries and joins 150 000 alumni to you. Whether you are studying at Queen’s for 4 months or the full 4 years, you are a part of our global network, and you can connect before you even graduate!

Many of our alumni abroad have gathered together to form branches, and they look forward to annual Queen’s reunions, many of which take place near Queen’s exchange partners or in your home country. Queen’s students are welcome to join many branch events and alumni are always eager to hear your stories. Distance only makes the heart grow fonder and many of our international alumni demonstrate this in their commitment to connecting with Queen’s students. For your own individual introduction, contact the International Relations Chair at qsaa.ir@queensu.ca

To connect with alumni living abroad, contact:
Amey Zhang, International Relations Chair
Email: qsaa.ir@queensu.ca
Phone: 613-533-6000 ext. 77520