Gaels Of the Last Decade

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Gaels of the Last Decade is a panel presentation featuring graduates from the last ten years. Their recent departure from Queen's means they are best able to understand the challenges, as well as opportunities, facing students today. GOLD Panels help students connect with their futures upon graduation as well as learn valuable advice for leveraging their time at Queen’s.

GOLD Panels are also a great opportunity to network with alumni in your field of interest.

GOLD 2019: Creating Inclusive Leaders - March 13, 2019

Join the QSAA and a panel of young alumni to discuss how Queen’s is creating inclusive leaders.  Speakers will share stories and expertise on how diversity and inclusion have affected their personal and professional experiences.


Past GOLD Panel themes include:

GOLD 2017: Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Whether you're looking at starting your own business, doing further schooling, entering the corporate world, or have no idea what to do after graduation, come learn something from our amazing panelists.

Panelists coming back to campus this year:

  • Melissa Mangos CMP '17 - Founder & Chair at Sudo Labs
  • Jayevan Foster ArtSci '13 - President at Empire MGMT
  • David Sinkinson ArtSci '11, MBA '13 - Co-Founder of AppArmor
  • Thiago De Oliveira Sc'17 - Co-Founder at Monetta Technologies Inc. 

Earlier GOLD Panel themes:

  • "Options After Graduation"
  • “Ask an Arts Grad”
  • “Careers in Sustainability”
  • “Where can your Science Degree Take you?”

Advice from panel presenters:

QSAA GOLD advice: Kris Artsci '11 MPA '12

QSAA GOLD advice: Samantha MEs '11