Queen’s First Professor: Peter Colin Campbell, Professor of Classical Literature

[Chapel Window]
Friday, October 14, 2016 - 10:30am to 11:30am
Watson Hall

49 Bader Lane
Room 517

The Reverend Peter Colin Campbell was Queen’s first Professor of Classical Literature. He was also one of the 26 founders of Queen’s listed in the Royal Charter, a Trustee, the first person hired to teach at Queen’s, and the first member of the Arts Faculty. In spite of his importance in establishing our institution, very little has been written about Professor Campbell in Queen's historical accounts and there is no biography or image of him in Queen’s Archives.

In conjunction with the Classics Department’s 175th anniversary, Dr. Barbara Reeves has been tracking down information about Professor Campbell's personal life and about his time as a Professor at Queen’s, a Minister in Brockville, and the first Principal of the University of Aberdeen (Scotland).

Come for an illustrated lecture by Dr. Barbara Reeves, and learn about the man who helped create our institution and taught our earliest students.

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