Message to Alumni

The Queen’s University Alumni Association (QUAA) and University Council are calling on alumni to help promote a safe, respectful, and inclusive Homecoming 2019. Read about ways you can contribute. 

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Fellow Alumni,

The Queen’s University Alumni Association (QUAA) Board of Directors, together with Queen’s University Council, congratulates all alumni celebrating a milestone reunion in 2019.

Since 1926, Homecoming at Queen’s has been an opportunity for alumni to reconnect on campus and to celebrate what it means to be a part of an incredible community. However, this tradition is being overshadowed by unsanctioned street parties and alcohol misuse, which has led to serious concern for safety, overburdening of essential services such as hospitals and police force, and has strained Queen’s relationship with the City and community. 

Last year, University Council reviewed alcohol use and misuse and provided strategic recommendations to the university to reduce the potential for harm to students, mitigate the negative impacts on the community, and restore Queen’s reputation.

We are requesting your support to help us promote a safe, respectful, and inclusive Homecoming. There are a number of ways that you can help: 

  • Plan your reunion around official Queen’s events. Faculty, staff, volunteers, and student groups work tirelessly to organize the best reunion experience possible. Find the list of events on the events page.  
  • Learn about the University District Safety Initiative, which requires anyone issued a summons for listed provincial offences to appear in person before a Justice of the Peace in Kingston to deal with the fine, regardless of where they live. There is no option to pay remotely.
  • If you need safety support services, please call Campus Security Emergency Report Centre (ERC) at 613-533-6111. The blue light posts around campus will also connect you to the ERC. The Queen’s University Student Safety App (developed by two Queen’s alumni) can also be downloaded here.
  • Inform and inspire fellow alumni to be active participants in a better Homecoming for everyone. Share this information across your networks.  

As your alumni volunteer organizations, we are proud of the accomplishments of our alumni community as individuals and as a network of more than 155,000 graduates in 155 countries around the world. These are the achievements that deserve to be celebrated, shared, and to define Queen’s. 

We welcome your thoughts and feedback and hope to see you on campus.


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Jeremy Mosher, Artsci'08
Volunteer President
Queen's University Alumni Association

Heather Black, Sc'80
University Council Executive Committee

If you would like to send us your feedback, please email the Reunions Team.