Alumni Profiles

Justice Hugh Fraser

Justice Hugh Fraser Carries on his Father's Legacy

Alumnus Justice Hugh Fraser reflects on his career as a judge and shares what it means to him to have a bursary founded in his father’s name with the goal of increasing diversity in the faculty of law. 

Taylor Berdell and Matt Urichuk in their masks

Helping the Hard-of-Hearing Community

Wearing a cloth facemask is a great way to slow the spread of COVID-19, but it’s not good for members of the hard-of-hearing community who rely on reading lips and facial expressions. 

Circles drawn in grass in a city park
Some cities officials are drawing circles in the grass at parks to ensure physical distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Redesigning Canada for Physical Distancing and COVID-19

As cities slowly re-open, Geography and Planning Professor John Meligrana, MPL’91, is researching physical distancing guidelines because keeping people two metres apart is one of the best ways to save lives.  

Alice Simniceanu, MPH’15
Alice Simniceanu, MPH’15, at the World Health Organization in Switzerland.

Helping Health-Care Workers Around the Globe

The World Health Organization’s Alice Simniceanu, MPH’15, creates COVID-19 guidelines and online courses used by medical professionals all over the world.

Yolande James, Law’03

Compromise, Consensus, and Conflict Resolution

Yolande James, Law’03, who became the youngest woman to serve in the Quebec National Assembly cabinet in 2007, now uses her special skills as a mediator, moderator, and speaker.

Scott Palmer in front of a Google sign.

Keeping the Internet Safe as You Search

From Singapore, Scott Palmer, Law’07, manages a Google ecosystem responsible for protecting global users from harm.

Kelsey Houston, Artsci'16

Controlling COVID-19

Kelsey Houston, Artsci’16, is using her infection control skills to stop COVID-19 outbreaks at a Toronto hospital and keep staff and patients safe.

Ontario Hospital Association CEO Anthony Dale

Keeping Ontarians Safe During COVID-19

Ontario Hospital Association CEO Anthony Dale, Artsci’92, MPA’95, is advising the government and helping prevent the provincial health-care system from being overwhelmed.

Jordan Bast, NSc'20

Answering a Calling to Help Others

New nursing graduate Jordan Bast, NSc’20, says signing up to work in a group home going through a COVID-19 outbreak “felt like a calling.”

People exercising
Exercise during isolation is important for people living with physical disabilities.

Living with a Physical Disability During the Pandemic

Queen’s researchers and alumnae working to support people living with physical disabilities.