Canadian Medical Association’s 150th Anniversary Award

Donor Story

A key legacy initiative to celebrate CMA’s 150th anniversary is the creation of a bursaries and awards program in 2017. Intended for all 17 medical schools in Canada, the program will aim to positively impact the profession of medicine in Canada by financially assisting up to 34 medical students per year for the next three to five years. 

The CMA Foundation will work with the universities to recognize and reward two medical students per school, thereby positively impacting the culture of medicine for years to come. The first through a bursary awarded to a student in financial need and the second to one that best demonstrates the behaviours and values that are closely connected to the aspirations of the medical profession.


About your fund

Established in June 2017 by the CMA Foundation and awarded on the basis of comprehensive achievement in all educational domains and a demonstrated ability to exemplify the values of professionalism including:  honesty and integrity, altruism, respect, responsibility and accountability, commitment to self-improvement, and collaboration to an undergraduate student in any year of the School of Medicine in the Faculty of Health Sciences. The application form is available from the Undergraduate Medical Education Office and must be submitted by 15 May. Selection will be made by Undergraduate Medical Education Awards Committee. Value: $15,000.