The David Edney Research Travel Award

Donor Story:

With this award, the donor aims to open horizons for graduate students by giving them opportunities they would not otherwise have, by allowing them to live for a time in a different culture while having direct access to French scholarly resources.  It will, for example, allow specialists in French history or literature to do research in their area.

But the donor wishes that the award also be used to encourage bold, adventurous thinkers who do not follow a conventional path but do the unexpected, such as a chemist who wishes to work in a French laboratory or with a particular French scientist, or a sociologist who wishes to compare Parisian ghettoes with marginalized residents of Canadian cities.


Fund Description:

Awarded to a Master’s or Ph.D. student enrolled in the Faculty of Arts and Science.  The recipient will be given up to two months occupancy of an apartment in Paris, France and a reimbursed to support travel, cultural activities, and field-work expenses.