The Queen's LSS Aboriginal Entrance Award

Donor Story:

An understanding of aboriginal law is essential for today’s law student. Aboriginal law, and the duty to consult, is now of fundamental importance to the economic development of the country, particularly in the resource sector. Queen’s Law wants to be on the forefront of this area of law. Band funding has become strained and is not readily available for second degree programs. Not all indigenous students necessarily qualify for, nor have equal access, to band funding or Metis Nation funding. A new entrance scholarship will enhance our ability to recruit, retain and support indigenous students to and as they progress through the JD degree Program. First preference will be to a student who has applied in the Aboriginal Category, second preference will be given to students who have applied through the Access Category as a measure to increase the diversity of the first-year class.

Fund Description:

Established by Queen's Law Students' Society for students entering a J.D. program in the Faculty of Law. First preference will be given to students who have applied in the Aboriginal Category.